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#Rules_of_Engagement 8 Christian Habits for Being Good and Doing Good Online

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8 Christian Habits for Being Good and Doing Good Online
$10.46 - $12.27

Do you behave on social media as the Christian you want to be? Are you dismayed at the often divisive and cruel exchanges you read online? In #Rules_of_Engagement, Ann M. Garrido shares eight practical habits that will help you align your activity in the digital world with the call of the Gospel to be Christ's presence in the world.

Popes Benedict and Francis have called upon Christians across the globe to embrace the internet as a new “digital continent” and think of it as mission territory, a place where we can—with careful thought and discipline—accomplish enormous good.

Even as we strive to be faithful to our Christian values, many of us still show up on social media and behave in ways unbecoming a follower of Jesus Christ. Rather than practicing compassion, truth, honesty, and communion online, we sometimes are mean-spirited, inflammatory, and untruthful. Garrido tackles the problem head-on by providing practical tools, theological guidance, and spiritual inspiration for being the person God wants you to be online.

Garrido offers eight practices, rooted in Catholic tradition and teaching, that will help you avoid doing harm, and instead equip you to be a force for good through your social media presence and activities:

  • clarify your purpose
  • know your sources
  • understand bias
  • value the person
  • lead with curiosity
  • talk about intent and impact
  • privilege face-to-face encounter
  • manage your energy

The book includes simple exercises to help you assess your social media behaviors and integrate Garrido's suggestions into your online communications as well as the opportunity to join a community of concerned Christians striving to live these habits.

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ISBN: 9781646800599
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Written by Ann M. Garrido


“This is a masterpiece of personal insight and pastoral practicality. It's an ongoing examination of online consciousness about who we are on social media and a proposal for who we want to be in these digital spaces that are both profane Babels and sacred Basilicas.”
Sr. Rose Pacatte, F.S.P., Founding Director, Pauline Center for Media Studies
“A long-needed book! While the moral sphere of the digital world is sometimes a perilous place for our souls, the internet also gives us opportunities to do good. Happily, Ann M. Garrido offers us ways to think about our responsibilities and shows us how to be good Christians while interacting online.”
Fr. James Martin, S.J.
“#Rules_of_Engagement is an excellent primer for Catholics new to social media and for those wanting to reboot how they behave there.”
Mary Pezzulo, Creator of Steel Magnificat , Author of Stumbling into Grace
“Ann M. Garrido's reflective exercises and suggested habits provide practical, concrete tools for helping us navigate this often treacherous online terrain and make choices that reflect our best, authentic selves.” 
Sandra Derby, Theology teacher and coordinator of Liturgy, St. Agnes Academy, Houston, Texas