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Room 24 Adventures of a New Evangelist 

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Adventures of a New Evangelist 
Room 24
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Five years after she graduated from high school, teacher, youth minister, and sought-after speaker Katie Prejean McGrady returned to her alma mater in Lake Charles, Louisiana, to teach freshman theology. In the early years of her career, McGrady’s hormonal, sometimes grumpy, and often confused students taught her what it means to evangelize. Her frequently witty and always candid stories—and the ten lessons she offers—will inspire anyone who works with youth in the Church today.

As she began her first year of teaching, McGrady was eager to impart the Catholic doctrine she loves to her class in room 24 at St. Louis Catholic high school, but she was quickly rattled by the magnitude of the task, especially when she was challenged by a teen who said he didn’t believe. In ten brief and compelling chapters, McGrady shares humorous and hopeful interactions she’s had with her students that helped her learn that teaching them about Jesus and his Church is not as important as knowing them, loving them, and inviting them to know and love Jesus as a personal friend and savior.

Her frequent mistakes and occasional successes with her students taught McGrady how to evangelize young people by building relationships in joyful, humble, and prayerful ways. Likewise, McGrady determined that the power of inviting conversation, welcoming questions, and witnessing to faith through personal stories engages students and helps them fall in love with Jesus.

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  • Katie Prejean McGrady has spoken throughout the United States and in Canada to crowds from ten to ten thousand at venues such as the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress and the New Orleans World Youth Day.
  • McGrady has been published in Project Youth Ministry and Catechetical Leader and has appeared on EWTN’s Life on the Rock and Bookmark.
Room 24 Book Trailer
Engaging & Relational Evangelization Webinar with Katie Prejean
Prayer (Room 24 Blink)
Humility (Room 24 Blink)
Surrender to the Greater Will (Room 24 Blink)
The Gift of Joy (Room 24 Blink)
Share Mercy (Room 24 Blink)
Building Relationship (Room 24 Blink)
What is Evangelization? (Room 24 Blink)
Encountering Christ (Room 24 Blink)

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: AM716492
Dimensions: 5½" x 8½"
Length: 160 pages
Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 9781594716492
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Written by Katie Prejean McGrady


I’m thrilled to have this book from Katie Prejean! She is a blessing for the Church and a definite standout among Catholic speakers today. Her passion for Christ and the work of his Church is contagious and this book is brimming with her inspirational vision and practical advice."

Chris Stefanick
Founder and President of Real Life Catholic
Whether you are a new or a seasoned pastoral minister or teacher, read Room 24: Adventures of a New Evangelist! You will appreciate Katie Prejean’s blend of humor and storytelling, the way she illustrates theological and pastoral insights through her lived experiences with young people, and the very real challenges and questions that they pose. You will find yourself recalling your own stories of starting out in ministry. You may even remember why you chose to do it in the first place.  What a pleasure to have this book!"

Bob McCarty
Executive Director
National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry
Katie Prejean has created a lively, engaging, and personal chronicle that serves as a point of departure for an insightful reflection on the New Evangelization. Her experiences will benefit those who seek to bring the message of Christ and his Church to others in a contemporary context."   

Most Rev. Glen John Provost
Bishop of Lake Charles
What I love about this book is how Katie reminds us that evangelizing isn’t about filling heads with more information; it’s about encountering others in an authentic relationship that points them and you to the saving love of Christ."

Christopher Wesley
Author of Rebuilding Youth Ministry
Room 24 will make you laugh, give you pause for reflection, have you remembering all your crazy moments in ministry, and give you inspiration to deal with the ones you face now. It’s good to remember that in ministry, we are all in it together, and we all have a stake in what goes on in room 24."

Jackie Francois Angel
Catholic speaker, worship leader, and recording artist