Rethink Happiness Dare to Embrace God and Experience True Joy 

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Dare to Embrace God and Experience True Joy 
Rethink Happiness

For more than twenty years, life coach and Steubenville speaker Paul George has helped fellow Catholics discover their purpose by searching themselves, reorganizing their priorities, and establishing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In his debut book, George invites you to pursue authentic happiness by surrendering your life to God and focusing on simple joys: daily prayer, a minimalist lifestyle, meaningful relationships, and an ongoing pursuit of God’s will. 

Rethink Happiness is an essential self-help guide for all of us seeking to define our purpose in life. Chock-full of relatable stories about George and his life-long work in ministry, this book will help you discover that true happiness is found when we are totally oriented to God. With the same high energy he brings to his talks to youth and adult audiences, George will help you identify what you're truly looking for in life.

The book opens with the idea that we are all searching for happiness but looking in the wrong places. We’re hungry for God's love, but we're stuffing ourselves with shallow relationships and unchecked materialism. George invites you to rethink this formula, by first recognizing that it's God you want and then surrendering everything to him.

Embedded in Catholic wisdom, truth, and the basic tenants of living a meaningful life, this book will teach you to

  • reconsider your priorities in light of God’s love;
  • rethink how you spend your time and money;
  • focus on building meaningful and healthy relationships;
  • reject the dizzying pursuit of fame and prestige;
  • seek self-worth in relationship with God; and
  • serve God in the simplest way: by loving others.

Rethink Happiness dares you to live differently. Satisfy your appetite for happiness once and for all by rooting yourself in God and opening to the joy only he can offer. 

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Length: 160 pages
Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 978-1-59471-791-8
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Written by Paul George


Rethink Happiness offers a profoundly inspired examination of the heart so that we can embrace God's love for us, our purpose, and ultimately, true happiness. Paul George is challenging, honest and encouraging in helping us become who we were made to be.
Leah Darrow
International speaker and author of The Other Side of Beauty
I highly recommend Paul's book. Through the sharing of his personal experiences, Paul provides practical and realistic ways for the ordinary person to grow in one's walk with Christ. Paul is also a gifted speaker, who, through wisdom and life experiences, is able to speak to different audiences effectively.
Most Rev. Sam Jacobs
Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux
Everyone desires happiness but no one seems to know where to find it—until now. In Rethink Happiness, Paul George doesn’t just ask the question everyone asks, he offers the answer few have found. Drawing from timeless wisdom, personal experience and good, old-fashioned common sense, George walks the reader through the minefield of modern thought with sage wisdom and practical guidance. Each page is filled with anecdotal proof that a life of happiness and true joy is not only plausible but possible! A gifted storyteller, Paul George has penned a thought-provoking read here—one that will leave hearts and minds engaged and moved. I loved this book and cannot wait to give it to those closest to me. Life is meant to be lived not merely survived. This book is an invaluable tool to ensure we never sacrifice the former and settle for the latter.
Mark Hart
Life Teen
For years now I’ve witnessed the transforming impact of Paul George at our Steubenville Conferences. His ability to deliver an engaging and relevant message is unparalleled.
Mark Joseph
Franciscan University of Steubenville
Paul George is an extraordinary storyteller. His writing style is like sitting down with a trusted friend and having an engaging conversation that leaves you wanting to know what happens next. In Rethink Happiness, Paul shares delightful stories about his search for genuine happiness and his missteps along the way. He also invites us into intimate conversation with people he has accompanied in their pursuit of lasting fulfillment. The stories are real and engaging and potentially life-changing. There is profound wisdom in this unassuming book. I highly recommend it to anyone who is longing for greater fulfillment in life. Isn’t that all of us?
Bob Schuchts
Author of Be Healed
Paul's ministry has positively impacted millions of young people around the world. He has a unique ability to make the Christian life real and transparent in a way that brings hope for us all.
Randy Raus
Life Teen
Paul George has been a good friend to my family and me for many years since ministering to my NFL teammate's Bible study group at the New Orleans Saints. In Rethink Happiness, Paul has a special way of weaving his life experiences with anecdotal humor and relevant scripture. This book leads you to an examination of conscience that is life-giving and transforming. Even the reflection questions at the end of each chapter encourage you to go deeper in your journey with the Lord. Paul vividly paints word pictures so that his experiences come to life and at times I laughed out loud with his descriptions of monumental moments that make him the amazing speaker and storyteller he is today. My life has been personally changed by my friendship with Paul and all he has offered in sharing his faith journey.
John Carney
Kicker for the New Orleans Saints
In Rethink Happiness, Paul George has tapped into the longing of every human heart. In an engaging manner, accessible for all, Paul is able to help us understand our own heart, and at the same time, discover the heart of God. Drawing from his own experience and stories of saints, NFL football players, and hurricanes, Paul engages the reader no matter their life experience, and he shares that happiness is possible. Paul leads each of us in discovering where, or in whom, our heart will find happiness.
Rev. Dave Pivonka, T.O.R.
Author of Breath of God