Remaining Catholic Six Good Reasons for Staying in an Imperfect Church

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Six Good Reasons for Staying in an Imperfect Church
Remaining Catholic


Written by Martin Pable



Paperback book -- 96 pages -- ACTA Publications -- May 2005





The Catholic Church has always been the object of serious scrutiny, but for all its flaws the church has — and will always have — benefits that cannot be found anywhere else:



  • Community
  • Tradition and History
  • Sacraments
  • Scripture
  • Stewardship and Mission
  • Saints and Sinners

In Remaining Catholic, Rev. Martin Pable has written a convincing, non-apologetic book for those who have left the church, those who are thinking of leaving, and those who would be the very last ones out the door. It is a celebration of what is irreplaceable about Catholicism, without denying or minimizing the very real problems the church has and the very real ways the church has let us down.




Martin Pable
REV. MARTIN PABLE, OFM CAP, a Capuchin priest from Wisconsin, is a frequent speaker and retreat director. He is the author of Remaining Catholic: Six Good Reasons for Staying in an Imperfect Church which won second place for "Popular Presentation of the Catholic Faith" in the 2006 Catholic Press Association Book Awards, and Prayer: A Practical Guide.




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ACTA Publications
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Written by Martin Pable