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Radical Prayers On Peace, Love, and Nonviolence

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On Peace, Love, and Nonviolence
Radical Prayers

This book offers fifty short prayers to encourage, challenge and inspire you on your nonviolent journey. Prayers cover subjects ranging from healing the environment, ending war, gun violence, poverty and racism, gratitude for the blessings around us and strength to continue on the path for peace, justice and nonviolence. John Dear writes in the introduction,

"Prayer and nonviolence go hand in hand. On the one hand, prayer is a daily journey toward ever-deepening intimacy with the God of peace in the Holy Spirit of peace. Through daily quiet meditation, the God of peace we encounter in our prayer disarms us, heals us and strengthens us to go forth and make peace, practice nonviolence and love others.... Nonviolent people turn to God in prayer throughout the day for protection, security, blessings and fecundity. That is the Christian way, the human ideal. That is the path of the peacemaker. ...daily meditation is politically dangerous and a threat to the culture of violence and war. As we combine prayer and nonviolence, in this culture of violence and war, we step into a new kind of dangerous mysticism where we lose our allegiance to the nation/state, and become full time citizens of God's reign..."


  • Part 1: Thanks, Praise, and Adoration
  • Part 2: For Myself
  • Part 3: For All People
  • Part 4: For All Creatures
  • Part 5: For Creation
  • Part 6: For the Global Grassroots Movements for Peace and Justice
  • Part 7: For the World
  • Part 8: For Mature Discipleship to the Nonviolent Jesus
  • Part 9: For the Church
  • Part 10: For the Coming of God's Reign of Peace and Nonviolence
  • Part 11: For Life in the Holy Spirit of Peace
  • Part 12: For Humanity's Conversion to Total Nonviolence
Format: Paperback book
Product code: IC833713
Dimensions: 8" x 5"
Length: 148 pages
Pace E Bene Press
ISBN: 9780997833713
Written by John Dear


John Dear is an internationally known voice for peace and nonviolence. He is a popular speaker, peacemaker, organizer, lecturer, retreat leader, and the author/editor of 30 books. John has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize after having participated in nonviolent campaigns for three decades resulting in over 75 arrests and more than a year of his life spent in jail. John works with Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service .