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Pilgrim Walks in Franciscan Italy

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Pilgrim Walks in Franciscan Italy
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There is no book quite like this if you know a little bit about St. Francis and want to know more. Each chapter describes a pilgrimage to a place in Italy that’s central to Francis’s biography written by one of his most literary modern biographers. Greccio, Cortona, Assisi, and La Verna were dear to Francis and his early companions—and come alive in these pages. Jørgensen offers a glimpse into a bygone world, and inspiration to all who seek to follow the way of St. Francis today.
“As I kneeled amid those barefooted, brown-habited friars, who in the darkness raised their hands and their hearts to heaven in voiceless prayer, I realized more vividly than ever before what the Middle Ages were—how far removed the twentieth century was—how far away beyond the crest of the mountains was the modern world, and how remote the great, busy towns, with their glare and noise, unrest and endless amusements, seemed.” (From the Book)

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Format: Paperback book
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Dimensions: 5½" x 8½"
Length: 144 pages
Paraclete Press
ISBN: 9781640603455
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Written by Jon M. Sweeney and Johannes Jorgensen


Jon Sweeney introduces us to Johannes Jørgensen, a seminal biographer and attentive chronicler of St. Francis of Assisi, and Franciscan history. Under Sweeney’s masterfully crafted introduction, editing and careful notes, Jørgensen’s vivid and spirited vignettes of his travels to significant sanctuaries in Franciscan Italy remind us of the merit and timelessness of pilgrimage. We are invited to reflect on the stories of St. Francis as a deep encounter and engagement with the Divine. A must read for steadfast companions of the Franciscan journey as well as those who are being introduced for the first time.
Alexandria Egler, Executive Director of Mission, Ministry & Interfaith Dialogue, St. Francis College, Brooklyn
Every year for four decades, when I’ve been in Assisi, I’ve gone to a house where Jørgensen lived to pay my respects to one of the first great modern biographers of St. Francis. Jørgensen said, ‘I sat at Francis’s feet and entered heaven. Francis himself is the Brother Gatekeeper who opened the door for me.’ Now, at last, is a new edition of his travel diary of literal and spiritual pilgrimages to sacred Franciscan places. And in the same volume, for the first time, is a valuable selection of the Dane’s writings related to how he came to that point in his life when, as he said, ‘an inexplicable sense of peace invaded my deepest being…calmly and without noise, as it almost always does.’ Jørgensen recreates in these pages what that peace looks like and how it feels. He brings to life for readers today what it means to walk calmly and without noise in the footsteps of St. Francis.
Murray Bodo, OFM, author of Francis: The Journey and the Dream and many other books


Johannes Jørgensen was part of the Catholic literary revival in the early 20th century, a contemporary of Jacques Maritain, G. K. Chesterton, and Sigrid Undset. A Dane, Jørgensen’s biography of St. Francis was second only to Paul Sabatier’s in influence. He also wrote award-winning biographies of Catherine of Siena and Bridget of Sweden. He lived in Assisi for many years, and was often nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

The editor of this volume, Jon M. Sweeney, is the author of many books about Francis and Clare of Assisi that have sold a combined 200,000 copies.