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Panorama of the Bible New Testament

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New Testament
Panorama of the Bible
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While every character, story, and book of Scripture is significant in itself, stepping back for a broad, panoramic view of the entire Bible helps us to take in and understand God's single, unified plan for human history.

In this second of a two-part panorama of the Bible, noted Scripture scholar Stephen Binz shows us how all of the Bible's many parts fit together in a grand and awesome narrative. With a clear vision of this sweeping unity, we can then understand far better our own place within the storyline and our own personal role within the mission of God.


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Format: Paperback book
Product code: LP4854
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Length: 114 pages
Liturgical Press
ISBN: 9780814648544
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Written by Stephen J. Binz


This slender volume by the well-known biblical writer Stephen Binz is aptly named a `Panorama' of the Bible. Its goal is to give the lay reader acquaintance with the overarching message of salvation that courses through the diverse books of the Bible. It is an account of the distinctive features of each New Testament book and the theological motifs that run through each of them, while at the same time forming a cohesive overall message among them.
The Bible Today
In his Panorama of the Bible: New Testament, Stephen Binz offers his readers two invaluable services: First, he succinctly gives us background information and content summaries of the books he discusses, thus enabling us to understand what the original inspired authors were teaching. In addition, he constantly reminds us that Scripture is a living word that is speaking to us in the context of our own lives. When we understand both the original revelation and the living word we can better realize that the story of God's salvation is not over; we are living out that story right now.
Margaret Nutting Ralph PhD, is the author of seventeen books on Scripture, including Breaking Open the Lectionary for cycles A, B, and C
This volume is the second part of a set aimed to provide an overview of the Bible, showing important themes and the writers who speak to those themes. Binz lays out a solid survey of the New Testament. This book is recommended to parish libraries.
Catholic Library World


Stephen J. Binz is a Catholic biblical scholar, psychotherapist, popular speaker, and award-winning author of the Threshold Bible Series, and other books on biblical spirituality. Following graduate studies at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he has developed Bible studies in the church for over two decades. He and his wife live in Baton Rouge, LA.  Learn more about him at

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