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Open Your Heart 12 Weeks of Daily Devotions

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Open Your Heart
12 Weeks of Daily Devotions
$13.49 - $15.83

If you are on a journey of reclaiming your life for God, or rediscovering your true self after a period of living “out of control” in some way, you may need this wisdom. Carol Showalter—the founder of the 3D Plan—has helped change more than 1 million lives with her advice, self-deprecating good humor, and inspiration.

Open Your Heart focuses you on the best ways to look for roadblocks that prevent spiritual growth and maturity. If you are undergoing serious changes in lifestyle and habit—perhaps weight loss, or simply gaining control over destructive habits—this is also a time for focusing on the spiritual side of life. Walk with Carol as she addresses:

  • Learning to Forgive Yourself
  • The Need to Be Loved
  • Self-righteousness
  • Dealing with Feelings of Anger
  • Playing God
  • How to Make Every Day a New Beginning
Format: Paperback book
Product code: PP5808
Dimensions: 5.37" x 8"
Length: 225 pages
Paraclete Press
ISBN: 9781557255808
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Written by Carol Showalter