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Stories of Faith for Teens Series Mountains of the Moon Stories About Social Justice 

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Stories About Social Justice
Stories of Faith for Teens Series
Mountains of the Moon
$8.40 - $9.45

The 10 short stories in this collection for young adults put flesh and blood on issues of justice at personal and societal levels and offer in-depth material for reflecting on the meaning and practice of Christian justice.

  • Stanley, a young man with a penchant for moon- and stargazing, struggles to be known and respected by his father.
  • Stopping at a soup kitchen to take pictures for her boyfriend's photo essay, Lia is pressed into serving the soup, and her eyes are opened to a reality that can't be seen through a camera lens.
  • Lucy is someone's mother, someone's wife. To the casual observer, though, she's just a street person wandering the Mall in Washington, DC.

A companion leader's guide is also available, including suggestions for using the stories with groups.

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: SM1323
Dimensions: 4½" x 7.25"
Length: 144 pages
Saint Mary's Press
ISBN: 9780884895428
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Edited by Stephanie Weller Hanson