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Loving Jesus Monastery Talks on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew

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Loving Jesus
Monastery Talks on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew
$26.21 - $30.75

In the gospel of Saint Matthew, Jesus is “Emmanuel,” God-with-us, or, as Jesus himself puts it, he is “I-Desire,” “Coming-I-Will-Heal,” and “I-Am-with-You-Always.”
The brief commentaries collected here, initially presented by Cistercian abbot Mark A. Scott in a series of chapter talks to his monastic community, will welcome the reader into an intimate encounter with the love of Jesus, as the evangelist Matthew presents him in chapters four through nine of his gospel. These reflections also weave insights from the Rule of Benedict along with reflections on monastic life offering to all ecclesial communities and individual Christians rich nourishment for their loving Jesus in return.

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Format: Paperback book
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Length: 232 pages
Liturgical Press
ISBN: 9780879070656
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Written by Mark A. Scott, O.C.S.O.


Fr. Mark Scott, OCSO, presents here a series of chapter talks, the fruits of study and reflection on the Gospel of Matthew. Well-versed in the scholarly study of the Gospels, his years of reflection on the text result in unexpected insights derived from both biblical and non-biblical perspectives, including the differences between Gospel narratives of the same event.

Martha Fessler Krieg, lay Cistercian associate and independent scholar


Mark A. Scott, OCSO, a native Californian, is a professed monk of the Abbey of Our Lady of New Clairvaux, Vina, California, a monastery of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (Trappists). He has served as abbot of two monasteries of his Order in the United States. He holds a licentiate in Sacred Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome. He is the author of At Home with Saint Benedict, published by Cistercian Publications in the Monastic Wisdom Series.