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Brother Francis DVDs Lent with Brother Francis 40 Daily Meditations for the Entire Family

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Brother Francis DVDs
Lent with Brother Francis
$12.00 - $13.50
40 Daily Meditations for the Entire Family

The combination of sound Catholic teaching and high quality animation makes Brother Francis an excellent resource for parochial schools, CCD classes, and home schooling. Geared to viewers 8 and younger, Brother Francis will keep the kids entertained while learning about the Catholic faith. Each DVD episode includes English and Spanish audio tracks, with optional English and Spanish subtitles.

40 Daily Meditations for the Entire Family!

Lent is a special time in which we draw close to God in preparation for Holy Week. We examine our hearts prayerfully and resolve to turn away from the things in our life that are not pleasing to God. The meditations you will find on this DVD will help children understand the rich meaning of the Lenten Season.

This episode includes :

  • A short introduction of what the Lenten season is, why we observe it, and how to grow in faith through each daily meditation.
  • 40 animated meditations that help us in our Lenten journey as we come closer to Christ!
  • “Something to Think About”- each day the viewer is challenged with a thought that will bring heart change and action to the faith walk.
  • “Let’s Pray”- each meditation is accompanied by an on-screen prayer where the entire family can ask God’s help in living out that day’s devotional.
Format: DVD
Product code: HE019529
Dimensions: 5½" x 7½"
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