Laudato Si' Powerpoint & Talking Points (eResource)

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Powerpoint Presentation & Talking Points Document

Pope Francis' new encyclical on caring for our common home is a wonderful, relevant document, but it is lengthy (about 40,000 words) and quite dense at times. There are also many misconceptions about what is in it and what it is really about.

We have crafted this gorgeous Powerpoint presentation and a related talking points document to help you share Pope Francis' message with your people and lead them to action. Laudato Si' is really a call to action for our times, asking us what kind of world (society included) we want to pass on to future generations.

  • Contains 50 slides, featuring beautiful photos and graphics.
  • Organized into an Overview and five additional sections.
  • Each section concludes with a slide with reflection questions, to help you lead a discussion.
  • Your full talking points are provided in a separate Word/PDF file, as well as in the Powerpoint file's speaker notes. Almost every point references a specific section in the encyclical, so you can follow up on details.
  • We address some common misconceptions and concerns, including questions about climate change

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The Pastoral Center
Written by Paul Canavese


Paul Canavese has his MTS from the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley.  He has served in a wide range of parish ministries, most recently as a pastoral consultant at Corpus Christi Parish in Piedmont, CA.  He is a frequent conference speaker and directs (focused on "intentional daily life Catholicism") and (focused on coaching parents). Paul also has 20 years of software development experience with technology startups.

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