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Jesus, Friend of My Soul Reflections for the Lenten Journey 

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Jesus, Friend of My Soul
Reflections for the Lenten Journey

Bestselling author and beloved retreat leader Joyce Rupp has offered companionship and gentle guidance throughout the seasons in such books as May I Have This Dance? and Anchors for the Soul. In Jesus, Friend of My Soul—Rupp’s only meditation book for Lent and Holy Week—each two-page daily reflection brings our attention to the Lenten season, providing reflections for growth and inviting us to follow Jesus and become more like him.

“As Christians,” Joyce Rupp writes, “we look to the person of Jesus to learn from him.” Because our lives are filled to the brim with activity, it is easy to drift away from trying to live as Jesus did, and we find ourselves in need of time to focus on drawing close to him again and learning from his example. In Jesus, Friend of My Soul, Rupp guides us from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday illustrating both how Jesus called his followers to change and how his actions provide us a blueprint for growth.

Rupp helps us learn from the qualities of Jesus and the actions and teachings that marked his time on earth, including:

  • how Jesus extended mercy after Peter’s denials
  • how Jesus trusted in his Father, even as he experienced other emotions when troubling events occurred
  • how Jesus spoke and acted with integrity, which made him a valuable and trustworthy person for others to listen to and follow

Each day’s reflection begins with a verse from scripture and a meditation centered on Jesus’ life, actions, and teachings that are applied to our lives. We are then offered a prayer and an intention to carry with us throughout the day. Each brief reflection gently leads us to new growth in our lives and invites us to reach new depths in our faith. Questions for individual or group study are included.

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ISBN: 978-1-59471-965-3
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Written by Joyce Rupp


Rich and enriching, Jesus, Friend of My Soul provides us with a beautiful companion for our journey through Lent: Jesus himself. With a generous heart and a keen eye, Joyce Rupp finds ways of connecting Christ to our own lives, reminding us of his humanity and message of boundless hope. Insightful, inspiring, and lit by joy, Jesus, Friend of My Soul offers us a new way to mark the days leading up to Easter and leaves our hearts uplifted for the days that follow.
Deacon Greg Kandra
Award-winning journalist and blogger at The Deacon's Bench
 "Lent has never been my favorite time of year, but Joyce Rupp makes the season a joyful adventure. She has reintroduced me to Jesus—a longtime friend whom I am able to see now with new eyes—and identifies simple yet profound ways I can model qualities of his life in my own. I love who I might become this Lent with this book in hand.
Ann M. Garrido
Associate Professor of Homiletics
Aquinas Institute of Theology
In Jesus, Friend of My Soul, Joyce Rupp invites us to walk with Jesus as our soulmate. Each day we reflect on a quality of Jesus that is illustrated by scripture and pray on that quality with Rupp's poetic and beautiful, image-filled prayers. These daily Lenten reflections and their call to act on Jesus' qualities will help you embrace Christ-like virtues and live in a grace-filled way."

Terry Rickard, O.P.
President of RENEW International
Joyce Rupp has given us a treasure not just for the days of Lent but for all our days. The treasure is right in the title: Friend. As we walk her reflections, we meet Jesus as our friend, and day by day, as we fall more in love with his tender compassion, we begin to realize that he is calling us to be a friend as he was a friend to the whole world.:
Janet Conner
Creator of the Praying at the Speed of Love podcast