In Real Life Books How to Read the Bible Building Skills for Bible Study

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Building Skills for Bible Study
In Real Life Books
How to Read the Bible

Exploring tough questions facing youth today • Also available as an eResource

OPEN THE BIBLE • Help youth apply the Bible to real life and discuss their faith. This all-in-one curriculum guides youth and their leaders on a journey for meaning and identity. In Real Life encourages youth to ask the hard questions, and helps them encounter Scripture in search of answers. In a time of violence, injustice, materialism, and new pressures, this series offers a different point of view. Compatible with a whole family approach.


What does the Bible tell us about God? How did God communicate before there was a Bible? How did the Bible come to be, and where will it lead us?

Help youth find their way through the Bible as it points directions, if not destinations, and make it an effective study tool for a life of faith. The unit provides resources to understand the context in which life-giving and life-shaping stories were handed down. Together with your own contagious love of the Bible, inspire youth to uncover a relationship to the God toward whom the Bible points. (5 sessions, plus extender session)


  1. When There Was No Bible: The Bible as Revelation • Help participants see how the Bible is a people’s testimony of how they experienced God and how God’s character and will were first revealed because God made and kept promises.
  2. What Makes a Story Holy? The Bible as History • Help participants value biblical history as events handed down from a people of faith to shape a people of faith, and introduce them to Bible study resources.
  3. How Do You Hear? The Bible as Literature • Introduce participants to the various genre and forms of literature used in the Bible and how the form indicates how the message is to be understood.
  4. What's In It for Me? The Bible as Foundation for Living • Develop in participants an understanding for ethics, and show that the character of God (as revealed in the Bible) is the basis for our own character and action.
  5. The Bible Shapes the People: Translation as Interpretation • Help participants experience interpretation as a community undertaking that shapes the people of God.
  6. So Many Choices (Extender Session option) • Enable youth to “own” their own study Bibles by having them choose the version they wish to purchase.

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