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Hope One Man's Journey of Discovery from Tormented Child to Social Worker to Spiritual Director

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One Man's Journey of Discovery from Tormented Child to Social Worker to Spiritual Director

Dr. Jung uses his own story and the stories of people he has assisted to dramatically illustrate how the miraculous power of hope—in times of despair as much as in times of triumph and joy—can transform and enrich our lives. Mental health professionals and educators, clergy and seminarians, marriage and family counselors, spiritually-based therapists, social workers, students of psychology, and practicing and aspiring spiritual advisors and directors will benefit from reading this book. So will victims of a troubled childhood, sufferers from depression, those lacking self-confidence, seekers of all faiths, and survivors of all manner of abuse—as well as the family members, friends, and other loved ones trying to understand and help them.

Long before achieving high levels of personal success as a social worker, therapist, and spiritual director, Marshall Jung suffered from many of the same doubts, insecurities, and traumas borne by those he has since helped to heal. By his own admission, he has both sinned and been sinned against. Yet down the long decades of his career--despite scars of a childhood in which he felt neglected and unloved, a marriage fraught with turmoil (most of his own making), and a deep and long-lived crisis of faith—he has discovered real hope. In these painstaking—and sometimes painful-to-read—reflections on a long and well-examined life journey, Dr. Jung shares important lessons anyone can put to use in living a fully authentic life.

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Format: Paperback book
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Length: 169 pages
ACTA Publications
ISBN: 9780879469900
Written by Marshall Jung


Marshall Jung received his master’s degree from the University of Southern California and his doctorate in social work from the University of Pennsylvania. He has forty years of experience as a community organizer, social service agency executive, educator, writer, supervisor, trainer, clinician, facilitator of retreats, and spiritual director. A second-generation Chinese-American, Dr. Jung is a nationally recognized expert in marital and family therapy and has offered his expertise to numerous national and state conferences, developmental centers, family and social service agencies, community-based and residential mental-health treatment facilities, and state and veteran’s hospitals throughout the United States and in Canada, Hong Kong, and Japan. Published in several major professional journals, he has also authored two books on clinical practice: Constructual Marital Therapy: Theory and Practice and Chinese American Family Therapy. He has also co-authored Romancing the Net with Richard Booth. Dr. Jung is currently exploring the integration of spirituality and ego-based psychology. As a certified spiritual director he conducts regular retreats and provides individual spiritual direction. He lives with his wife of over fifty years at his retreat and training center in Lake Arrowhead, California. The couple has two grown children and several grandchildren.