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Holy Grit A Saintly Guide to Becoming a Man of Virtue

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Holy Grit
A Saintly Guide to Becoming a Man of Virtue
$12.71 - $14.91

Discover what it means to become a man of faith through the lives of ten male saints and their experiences pursuing holiness. In Holy Grit, you’ll join Catholic life coach Paul George to consider some of the tough issues facing men today—struggles in marriage, parenting, suffering, and finding purpose—to determine areas for growth and take steps toward living the life for which God created you.

You might have grown up with an image of masculinity defined by tough guys on TV—boxers, gangsters, cowboys, fighter pilots, the fastest gun in the West. These guys had courage, backbone, and guts. They had grit.

“As a man, I know the struggles of living a manly existence. It is one I deal with daily,” George writes. “I’m no expert, but I’m a gritty guy, like you, grinding it out on my journey.”

But George admits that grit isn’t enough to satisfy the longing in a man’s soul: you have to start trusting God and taking seriously the call to be holy.

Holy Grit is rich in personal stories, thought-provoking questions, spiritual insights, and mental health tips that help Catholic men like you build the spiritual foundation you need to serve your family, parish, and community. George invites you to examine how saints such as Maximilian Kolbe, Louis Martin, and John Paul II understood themselves as men. Learning from the lessons of the saints, George will help you explore how to:

  • overcome vice with St. Augustine;
  • pursue God through your habits with St. Thomas More;
  • experience God’s healing power with St. Padre Pio;
  • surrender to the will of God with St. Peter; and
  • develop daily discipline with St. Paul.

Each chapter introduces a saint, offers practical takeaways for modern men, and includes reflection questions, an action plan, and a prayer.

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Format: Paperback book
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Dimensions: 5½" x 8½"
Length: 160 pages
Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 9781646801985
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Written by Paul George


“If there is one person I know who has the moral authority to teach on what it is to be a true man of God, it is Paul George.  In this book, George has summarized and communicated what has cost him his entire life to learn and achieve: what it is and how to become a man after God’s own heart.”
Fr. Mike Schmitz , Host of the Bible in a Year podcast
“Holy Grit does an incredible job of using the power of storytelling to inspire a generation of men to become who God is calling them to be. I found myself laughing along and relating to his stories while also being challenged to grow in virtue. I will be sharing this with the men in my community.”
Jonathan “Bearded” Blevins, Founder of Little Flower Media
“Holy Grit aims to inspire men in their relationship with God and equip them with tools that can help them live integrated lives as healthy, holy, and mature disciples of Jesus Christ in their family, the Church, and in the world.”
Fr. Josh Johnson, Host of the Ask Fr Josh podcast
“Paul George masterfully proposes an age-old vision of masculinity. He calls it 'Holy Grit.' I highly recommend this book to all men, and for women who long to encourage their husbands, fathers, and brothers to live from their hearts with tender strength.”
Bob Schuchts, Founder of the John Paul II Healing Center