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Groaning in Labor, Growing in Hope Scripture Reflections for the Hard Days of Early Motherhood

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Groaning in Labor, Growing in Hope
Scripture Reflections for the Hard Days of Early Motherhood
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In Groaning in Labor, Growing in Hope, Jessica Mannen Kimmet, a mom of three, offers a collection of Scripture readings and reflections that speak to the challenges of transitioning to motherhood. Kimmet shares her experience of postpartum depression and raising young children, and how Scripture and prayer helped her to reframe painful experiences and offer companionship in struggle. By taking whatever scraps of time that can be spared, Kimmet hopes readers will find a healing God present in the upheavals of this season of life, and will return to prayer even though that practice will look and feel different. This resource includes lectio divina for moms, Scripture references for overwhelming times, a litany of saints for postpartum struggles, and more.

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: LP6916
Dimensions: 5" x 7"
Length: 96 pages
Liturgical Press
ISBN: 9780814669167
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Written by Jessica Mannen Kimmet


I was barely through the introduction and I just kept thinking, I love her voice! Kimmet writes in a deeply authentic and vulnerable way that somehow manages to be simultaneously conversational and not overwhelming. In addition, her content is both scripturally focused and theologically sound. It will definitely be my go-to gift for ‘newborn moms.’

Stacey Noem, Director of Human and Spiritual Formation, Master of Divinity program, University of Notre Dame

Jessica Mannen Kimmet has written a beautiful book, drawn from her own experience of the difficult days of early motherhood explored through the lens of her deep faith. Her openness about her struggle with postpartum depression, combined with her perceptive and poignant reflections on Scripture, provide a sensitive, compassionate and much-needed guide to women everywhere who may feel overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood. Groaning in Labor, Growing in Hope is a gift to the Church and I recommend it highly.

Lisa Everett, Director for Marriage & Family Ministry, Diocese of Fort Wayne—South Bend

Jessica lovingly invites moms into a vulnerable conversation that we often don’t have the chance to enter, speaking about the unique difficulties moms face when they encounter postpartum depression. I wish I had this book following the birth of my first child; I know I wouldn’t have felt so utterly alone, would have sought more professional help sooner, and would have incorporated the creative ways to pray that Jessica included into my nonexistent prayer life during those foggy months. I pray this resource sits on parish vestibule bookshelves, is passed around at moms’ groups, and is recommended by mental health professionals because the wisdom and hope it contains will most certainly touch the minds and hearts of countless moms who are courageously striving towards living out their vocation as mother.

Heidi Witte, President, Kids' Liturgy, LLC

Groaning in Labor, Growing in Hope is a beautifully honest reflection on those early days of motherhood. While not shying away from the very brutal moments of challenge, the book extends a vision of hope that any parent would find solace in. Jessica Mannen Kimmet's prose unfolds her own conflicting memories of her maternal journey with love and candor. In addition to thoughtful scriptural reflections; the very practical invitations to prayer, suggestions of patron saints and even the short chapter length extend a hand out of spiritual darkness. I would recommend this book to any new mother, knowing it would speak to her heart.

Chelsea Piper Baldwin MDiv, Senior Coordinator for Youth Ministry, Archdiocese of Chicago

Jessica Mannen Kimmet speaks into the experience of postpartum depression and mental illness with gentleness and courage. Inviting readers to encounter through Scripture the loving presence of God, her reflections penetrate the isolation and shame that accompany so many women’s experiences of motherhood. In a spirit of friendship, she encourages readers' faith in the loving presence of God who draws near to us, especially in those seasons when we feel most alone and despairing.

Beth Hlabse, LMHCA, Director, Fiat Program on Faith and Mental Health, McGrath Institute for Church Life, University of Notre Dame

Groaning in Labor is a powerful and important book. I am grateful to Jessica Mannen Kimmet for the humor, humanity, and genuine helpfulness found on every page. In describing the contours of these dark postpartum seasons from her own experience, Kimmet also shows what it takes to emerge from them, and in so doing, offers a true hand outstretched to anyone still in the thick of it.

Ellen B. Koneck, Executive Director, Commonweal Magazine


Jessica Mannen Kimmet is a freelance writer and liturgical musician. Formerly a full-time college campus minister working primarily in music and liturgy, she now spends most of her time raising her three young sons. She holds a BA in theology and music theory and a master of divinity, both from the University of Notre Dame. Her writing has appeared on Grotto Network and in Liturgical Press’s popular Living Liturgy series.