Stories by Teenagers Series Friends Stories by Teenagers 2 

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Stories by Teenagers 2 
Stories by Teenagers Series

Reading about the deeply personal experiences of Catholic teens is an enlightening avenue into the hearts of young people. Each book in this series includes over 45 personal experiences written by students.

By sharing their stories, these young women and men give voice to their faith experiences and help others recognize God's role in their own lives. Each book is illustrated with 11 original student artworks. Catholic teens will find in these engaging books inspiring journeys of faith!

For this second volume of Stories by Teenagers, we invited young people to write about friends. These wonderful stories by teenagers illuminate with biblical wisdom.

"I have always considered myself a person who has many friendly acquaintances, but not many true friends. I have always needed many people and activities going on in my life at one time, but because there is so much going on, I never really felt that anyone considered me a close friend. That is, until my father's heart attack and surgery this past November. I've always heard that you judge your friends by who stands by you when things are all wrong, not when things are going well." (Jordan E. Walsh)

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Length: 128 pages
Saint Mary's Press
ISBN: 978-0-88489-492-6
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