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Five Steps to the Father The Mysteries of Baptism as Revealed in the Our Father

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Five Steps to the Father
The Mysteries of Baptism as Revealed in the Our Father
$3.50 - $5.00

The Five Phases of Growth Into the Mysteries of Baptism as Revealed in Five Phrases of the Our Father

  • Our heaven
  • Hallowed by they name
  • Thy kingdom come
  • They will be done
  • Give...and forgive

5 Steps to the Father explains the Our Father as five “phrases that are phases” of spiritual growth set before us every time we pray as Jesus taught us to. It connects each to the “gift of the Holy Spirit” that helps us and the “capital (root) sin” that hinders us in our efforts to live out the five basic mysteries of Christian life. Each chapter ends with one simple suggestion.

This book brings the five mysteries and commitments of Baptism into our daily prayer by showing how the petitions of the “Our Father” express and motivate desire to live out each of them in turn. It explains the five steps as five phases of spiritual growth passing through awareness, commitment, dedication, surrender and abandonment. It also explains the seven “gifts of the Holy Spirit” and seven “capital (root) sins” as basic helps and obstacles to spiritual growth. It is an enriched and enriching version of the “roadmap” to spiritual growth. We recommend it as a follow-up to Reaching Jesus and The Five Promises of Baptism.

When taken together, the author's reflections and lessons on these five phrases offer readers an intimate encounter with God, our Father. Says the author:

The identity we need to understand is the identity given to us as children of God....reborn through the grace of Baptism. Our awareness of this is but the first of five phases essential to our spiritual growth, and the first stage of intimacy with God."

Perfect for group discussion or individual faith enrichment.

Format: Paperback book
Product code: DK504
Dimensions: 5.4" x 8.2"
Length: 124 pages
Abbey Press
ISBN: 9780870294655
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Written by Fr. David M. Knight


...absolutely superb... a first-rate, down-to-earth, practical guide to real-life spirituality for any Christian believer.
Archbishop Pilarczyk of Cincinnati


Bestselling author and spiritual writer FR. DAVID KNIGHT, who passed away in 2021, brought to his writing a varied background as a missionary, teacher, pastor, professor, retreat director, and campus minister. His landmark book, His Way: An Everyday Plan for Following Jesus, is used in diocesan renewal programs throughout North America. He has written for publications including U.S. Catholic, Marian Helper, The Sign, America, and Common Sense. Father Knight's ministry lives on through the nonprofit Immersed in Christ, based in Germantown, TN.

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