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Alive in the Word Eucharist Bread of Life

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Alive in the Word
Bread of Life
$5.56 - $7.85

Alive in the Word brings you resources to deepen your understanding of Scripture, offer meaning for your life today, and help you to pray and act in response to God’s word. Use any volume of Alive in the Word in the way best suited to you.

  • For individual learning and reflection, consider this an invitation to prayerfully journal in response to the questions you find along the way. And be prepared to move from head to heart and then to action.
  • For group learning and reflection, arrange for three sessions where you will use the material provided as the basis for faith sharing and prayer. You may ask group members to read each chapter in advance and come prepared with questions answered. In this kind of session, plan to be together for about an hour. Or, if your group prefers, read and respond to the questions together without advance preparation. With this approach, it’s helpful to plan on spending more time for each group session in order to adequately work through each chapter.
  • For a parish-wide event or use within a larger group, provide each person with a copy of this volume, and allow time during the event for quiet reading, group discussion and prayer, and then a final commitment by each person to some simple action in response to what he or she learned.

God feeds his people. In the desert, God’s covenant with Israel was sealed through sacrifice and a meal. On the altars of our churches, God continues to feed us with the bread and wine of the new covenant—the food and drink that is Christ himself. In Eucharist, Bread of Life, Fr. Joshua J. Whitfield, priest and preacher, explores three Scripture passages and helps us rediscover this enduring mystery, from the heights of Sinai to the depths of our own hearts and lives.

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: LP6601
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
Length: 48 pages
Liturgical Press
ISBN: 9780814666012
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Written by Joshua J. Whitfield


Joshua J. Whitfield is a priest of the Diocese of Dallas, where he has served since his conversion to Catholicism in 2009. He previously served as an Episcopal priest and was ordained in the Catholic Church under the pastoral provision of St. John Paul II. Whitfield is a contributor to The Dallas Morning Newsand was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2016. He is the author of Pilgrim Holiness: Martyrdom as Descriptive Witness and The Crisis of Bad Preaching.