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Catholic Funny Fill-Ins Saints Spectacular!

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Catholic Funny Fill-Ins
Saints Spectacular!

The Word Game with an Imprimatur!

If you're looking for some fun for family road trips, get-togethers, youth group parties, or just a great evening at home, then Catholic Funny Fill-Ins: Saints Spectacular! is for you! Based on other popular fill-in-the blank word games, Catholic Funny Fill-Ins: Saints Spectacular! is a new take on popular fill-in-the-blank word games and uses the game to create fun ways to learn about the lives of the saints. At the end of each story is a section titled "Did You Know?" that rounds out the saint's story with a brief profile and creative ways to pray with and celebrate the saints.

This diverse collection of saint stories doubles as wonderfully crazy opportunities for laughter and growth. These stories cover a lot of holy ground, interweaving the stories of saints from the dynamic Pier Giorgio Frassati all the way back to the Gospel and the early Church. Catholic Funny Fill-Ins: Saints Spectacular! even includes St. Blaise, the 3rd century bishop and patron saint of the throat! The lives of the saints remain as colorful and varied as the game itself, and this creative, zany introduction to their lives will help children learn and remember their stories for years to come.

Format: Paperback book
Product code: IC816740
Dimensions: 8.4" x 5.2"
Length: 64 pages
Pauline Books & Media
ISBN: 9780819816740
Written by Tommy Tighe and Karen Tighe
Illustrated by Jason Bach


Tommy Tighe is a Catholic husband and father of four boys living in the San Francisco Bay area, where he works as a marriage and family therapist.

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