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Called to Teach Daily Inspiration for Catholic Educators 

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Daily Inspiration for Catholic Educators
Called to Teach
$12.71 - $14.91

Catholic school teachers have a special vocation to reach the hearts and minds of young people, even in the midst of never-ending lesson planning, grading papers, and trying to lead a balanced life. Called to Teach, a book of 366 short, thought-provoking reflections, can help teachers stay focused on their Christ-centered mission by providing a source of energy, renewal, and affirmation for their day.

This collection of one-minute daily reflections offers a prayerful opportunity to recapture the joyous expectation Christ has in mind for Catholic teachers. Each day begins with a scripture passage that sets a theme and provides much-needed encouragement as a reminder of the daily gifts present in a Catholic school. Justin McClain, a theology and Spanish teacher at Bishop McNamara High School in Forestville, Maryland, will help teachers take a fresh look at everyday benchmarks of success in lesson planning, classroom prayer, and dealing with difficult theological questions. He also addresses needs outside the classroom—relaxation and a good night’s sleep, healthy eating habits, continuing education, and more time for prayer.

  • This is a perfect gift book for teachers in Catholic schools, especially high school.
  • Justin McClain consulted for the USCCB’s Secretariat of Cultural Diversity in the Church Subcommittee on African American Affairs.

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Length: 288 pages
Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 9781594716850
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Written by Justin McClain


A most helpful resource for nurturing the personal, daily prayer of all those who share in the Church’s work of handing on the faith.
Most Rev. Kevin C. Rhoades
Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend

"This book should be on the desk, or desktop, of any educator who seeks to nurture each day their vocation to the ministry of forming the next generation of students, both professionally and spiritually.”

Rev. Louis DelFra, C.S.C.
Director of Pastoral Life
Alliance for Catholic Education, University of Notre Dame
I hope this book of reflections inspires and guides more readers the way that it has inspired and guided me! Written for busy educators, these reflections have helped me not only to slow down but, as Blessed Basil Moreau stated, to 'consider the greatness of our mission and the wonderful amount of good we can do.
Marco Clark
President and CEO
Bishop McNamara High School, Forestville, Maryland

"This book becomes our daily companion as we seek to proclaim the Good News to the young people whom God has called us to love, lead, and serve. Justin McClain, through his inspired writing, has become a companion on our journey, and his work is truly a gift to Catholic educators.

Heather Gossart
Senior Consultant
National Catholic Education Association
Justin McClain’s Called to Teach, the fruit of his own meditation on the vocation of teaching, is a wonderful resource for the men and women who teach in our Catholic schools. The brief, practical daily reflections—well­grounded in actual experience—can motivate even the busiest among us to ponder, 'How can I invite the Lord into my classroom?'
Br. John Paige, C.S.C.
President of Holy Cross College
This book is the perfect fit for that teacher in all of us, and specifically to those in the Catholic school classroom.
Patrick Rivera
Director of Young Adult Ministry
Diocese of San Diego
This book is a blessing to those both in and out of the classroom because its reflections are inspiring, theologically rich, and remarkably insightful. While the reflections are quick and easy to read, they are also simultaneously practical and relevant and will be greatly appreciated by anyone charged with the immensely beautiful vocation of teaching. Justin McClain has given us a wonderful book that I will be using daily in my classroom for years to come!
Katie Prejean
Catholic speaker, theology teacher, and author of Room 24
Justin McClain’s book is a valuable tool that offers concrete and insightful daily reflections to help keep the teacher focused on the bigger picture of living out and exemplifying his faith in his daily work.
Timothy O'Donnell
President of Christendom College
The core of McClain’s book lays out a path for all Catholic educators, and his style of daily reflections brings new insight and a depth of understanding to the role of Catholic teachers. Each daily reflection prompts us to understand more deeply our role as Catholic educators in the faith. The extent of the resources provided by the author is a gift to all Catholic teachers.
Br. Richard Kiniry, C.S.C.
Retired community mentor at Bishop McNamara High School
Forestville, Maryland
Justin writes from a wealth of experience and deep meditation on Scripture and its application for the classroom and in life. This book will be a blessed gift to educators today, particularly beginners in the field.
Sr. Myra Gilbart, I.H.M.
Retired teacher at St. Mary of the Assumption Elementary School
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
This book can help a teacher and others who work with students find the strength and fortitude needed to move forward in teaching without losing sight of their remarkable goal: to transform the lives of those they are called to teach. The Scriptural references and concise reflections should be able to find a place in any busy teacher's day or week.
Br. Donald Blauvelt, C.S.C.
Executive Director of the Holy Cross Institute at St. Edward's University
This work is inspiring and practical, reminding educators of their profound mission that reaches far beyond the classroom, a mission that will make a difference in the lives of students and so make a difference in the world. It will become a reference point that they will return to frequently for continuing spiritual formation, personally and professionally.
Br. Joel Giallanza, C.S.C.
Associate Director of the Holy Cross Institute at St. Edward's University
Justin McClain’s daily reflections will help keep Catholic school teachers focused on the importance of faith witness to students, which is essential to Catholic education.
Tom Burnford
President and CEO of the National Catholic Educational Association