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Being a Grandparent Just Like Being a Parent ... Only Different

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Just Like Being a Parent ... Only Different
Being a Grandparent

Dr. Ray Guarendi believes that parenting is too important to be taken seriously—and that goes double for grandparenting. As a father of ten, clinical psychologist, radio host and author of many books about marriage and parenting, Dr. Ray has spent his career helping to strengthen families through a combination of Catholic theology, common-sense insights and wry humor. Now, having become a new grandpa himself, Dr. Ray is turning his attention to the joyful, rejuvenating and sometimes complicated subject of grandparenting.

In Grandparenting: Just Like Parenting Only Different, he answers real questions from grands. Some wonder how being a grandparent will differ from being a parent, and want to mature into it with as few wrinkles as possible. Some are a daily presence in their grandchildren’s lives, perhaps even sharing a home with them and wanting their interactions to be as smooth as possible. Others live many miles away and fear yielding to the temptation of bribery to endear their distant grandbabies to them. Some are baffled as to why their own children are raising the grandkids so unlike they were raised—in practice, discipline or morals. Others see their grandchildren as difficult to be around, and ask what, if anything, they can do about it.

Whether you’re a “Grandma,” a “Poppy,” an “Opa” or a “Nana,” Dr. Ray can help you navigate this second go-round with children in a way that mirrors God’s own unconditional love for us. You’ll learn to balance the expertise you’ve banked during decades as a parent with the emotional dynamics of this new stage of life. And best of all, you’ll get a little extra insight into savoring the true, unabashed joy of grandparenthood.

Grandparenting makes a great gift for new grandparents and seasoned matriarchs and patriarchs alike.

Format: Paperback book
Product code: IC532312
Dimensions: 8.4" x 5.4"
Length: 144 pages
Franciscan Media
ISBN: 9781632532312
Written by Raymond N Guarendi


No book on grandparenting got my attention until Dr. Ray wrote one. I saved time by waiting. Ray has given me everything I needed: a conversational digest of playful wisdom, friendly reassurance, creative ideas and a deep understanding expressed through pithy, practical questions and answers drawn from his psychological practice and nationally syndicated program, The Doctor is In. For many of us, grandparenting is full of delightful indulgences for ourselves and unalloyed fun for the kids. But grandparenting involves more than bear hugs, pecked cheeks, animal pancakes for breakfast, wild storytelling and a social life of kiddie dance recitals, school plays and basketball games. In today’s culture of high mobility and broken families, grandparents are often geographically distant. Loyalties may be divided by divorce or even multiple children all wanting you over for Thanksgiving. What happens when you truly think grandfather knows best on disciplinary matters or educational standards? Are you a gargoyle if you don’t especially enjoy grandparenting? Dr. Ray applies his characteristic insight with empathy, humor, grace, and clarity. And this is the one book on grandparenting that I know takes faith seriously. Get it and enjoy it one question at a time. You may be a better grandparent than you think. If not, then you will be after reading this book.
Al Kresta, host of “Kresta in the Afternoon” and President and CEO Ave Maria Communications
The Catholic Grandparents Association congratulates Dr. Ray on this inspiring, practical and empowering guide to assist grandparents in dealing with the challenges they face in today's complicated society. As a first-time grandparent, Dr. Ray shows great insight into the art and vocation of grandparenting. He offers practical and professional advice mixed with his signature humor, always stressing, as our faith teaches, love and relationship are of most importance in all families. A must-read for every Catholic grandparent; gift it to yourself!
Catherine Wiley, founder, Catholic Grandparents Association


Dr. Ray Guarendi is a clinical psychologist, prolific author and speaker, and nationally syndicated radio host. His radio show, The Doctor Is In, can be heard weekdays on EWTN, Ave Maria Radio, and Sirius XM. His many books include Discipline That Lasts a LifetimeYou’re a Better Parent Than You Think, and Winning the Discipline Debates. He and his wife are the parents of ten children.