BeDADitudes 8 Ways to Be an Awesome Dad 

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8 Ways to Be an Awesome Dad 

In BeDADitudes, internationally known marriage and family expert Greg Popcak draws on more than twenty years as a counselor as well as his own experience as a father to show how the Beatitudes can be viewed as a practical guide to understanding the love of God and applying that love to being a better father.

In the first book to uniquely focus on the Beatitudes and fatherhood, Greg Popcak helps you stop focusing on yourself and instead focus on God, learning how to be the father God wants you to be by becoming a servant leader in your home.

As a father of three children, Popcak realized that Jesus’ call to be humble in the first Beatitude—Blessed are the poor in spirit—stands in direct opposition to what modern men learn growing up. Instead, they are taught they should live a life of unbroken success, defined by promotions at work and beautiful wives and honor students at home.

The Catholic author, speaker, counselor, and radio host will show that when you practice meekness, you will connect with your family by asking them questions and listening closely to their responses. By practicing mercy, you come to know your own sins, the difficulties that lie on the path to sainthood, and how your family needs to hear about God’s grace in their lives.

In BeDADitudes, you discover the profound love of God found in the Beatitudes and understand how that love can transform you into being an awesome dad. 

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Written by Gregory K. Popcak


Greg Popcak gives the modern dad an invaluable gift. In clear and practical terms, Popcak creates not only a vision for being a successful father but a strategy to get there. His examples are relevant and plausible, and the results will be seen almost immediately in the lives of dads everywhere. In a culture that is suffering from a pandemic of fatherlessness, both physically and emotionally, BeDADitudes is an antidote that will not only change families but, ultimately, save souls.
Mark Hart
Catholic author, speaker, radio host
and executive vice president at Life Teen International
Greg Popcak delves into Jesus' teachings found in the Sermon on the Mount and pulls out powerful, life-changing ideas for dads that will help them influence their families and change our world.
John Bergsma
Author of Bible Basics for Catholics
Our culture often distorts how men should relate to their wives and children. BeDADitudes seeks to fix that misshapen image with the beauty of Catholic wisdom. Insightful, practical, and balanced, Greg Popcak gets at the heart of what men think and feel, busting the myths and charting a path to authentic Catholic fatherhood. Highly recommended for any man seeking to be a better dad and lead his family closer to God.
Marc Cardaronella
Author of Keep Your Kids Catholic
Our culture is in the midst of a great crisis of fatherhood resulting in devastating consequences. We need a resurrection of authentic Christian fathers. In BeDADitudes, Dr. Gregory Popcak issues a compassionate and convicted call to return to the fatherhood found in the heart of God. Using the eight Beatitudes found in the gospels, Popcak outlines the character of authentic fatherhood, and teaches us that we can't learn to be good fathers until we've learned to be good sons. With humor, insight, and an accessible style, he answers common misconceptions and challenges men to embrace the greatness of being a vocational dad. I highly recommend this book.
Sam Guzman
Founder of The Catholic Gentleman