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Archbishop Romero: Memories and Reflections

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Archbishop Romero: Memories and Reflections
$18.00 - $21.60

Jon Sobrino, a Jesuit theologian from San Salvador, worked closely with Archbishop Romero and has spent much of the past thirty-five years since his assassination reflecting on the meaning of his extraordinary life and witness. In a moving personal memoir, Sobrino describes how Romero (by reputation a timid, conservative prelate) emerged as the outspoken champion of the poor and suffering people of El Salvador. He then places Romero in the context of the wider church: as believer, as archbishop, as Salvadoran, as prophet, as martyr, as inspiration for theology. Exploring each of these identities in turn, Sobrino sums up his reflections with the conclusion: “Archbishop Romero was a gospel . . . a piece of good news from God to the poor of the world.”

Format: Paperback book
Product code: OB981768
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Length: 256 pages
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ISBN: 9781626981768
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Written by Jon Sobrino


Jon Sobrino, S.J. teaches theology at the Universidad Centroamericana José Siméon Cañas in San Salvador (the UCA). His many books include Jesus the Liberator, Christ the Liberator, The Principle of Mercy, Spirituality of Liberation, and Witnesses to the Kingdom.