After the Fear Come the Gifts Breast Cancer's Nine Surprising Blessings

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Breast Cancer's Nine Surprising Blessings
After the Fear Come the Gifts

While receiving treatment for breast cancer, clinical psychologist and spiritual director Kay Metres found nine surprising discoveries that she came to think of as gifts.

The Nine Gifts

  • Transformation: Embracing change
  • Learning to Ask for Help: On not being alone anymore
  • Interdependence: Cooperating in your healing
  • Surrender: The power of giving up
  • Sisterhood: The wonderful women in your life
  • No Longer Need to be Right: The delicious freedom of letting go
  • Savoring Each Day: Mindfulness in every moment
  • Discovering Your Own Strength and Beauty: Loving yourself again
  • Deeper Spirituality: The unending pool of strength

"I hope through reading this book, you will find empowerment and even joy, yea, joy, becoming more aware of your own strengths and inestimable value you bring to the world." -Kay Metres

Format: Paperback book
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Length: 131 pages
ACTA Publications
ISBN: 978-0-87946-980-1
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Written by Kay Metres


Kay's journey eloquently summarizes what so many of my patients with serious illness struggle with. After reading After the Fear come the Gifts, I have a better understanding of what my patients are going through. This has helped me approach patients differently. I have been able to focus more on their emotional and psychological needs, which often times gets buried in the management of pressing medical needs.
Dr. Janet Barczyk, MD
As a cancer survivor, I found myself responding "yes" over and over again to Kay's reflections on her own journey with this life-changing disease. How I wish I would have had the benefit of her wisdom as an anchor and a guide when I was in the midst of the storm.
Chaplain Bob Backis, BCC


Dr. Kay Metres is a clinical psychologist and spiritual director with a private practice in Deerfield, Illinois. Before becoming a therapist, Kay was a college English instructor, and later a hospital Chaplain. She has three far-flung kids and four precious grandchildren whom she loves to visit. Raised in southern New England, she now lives with her husband Phil in suburban Chicago.