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Adventure Catechism Readers Adventure Catechism Reader Volume 8 Reader

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Adventure Catechism Readers
Adventure Catechism Reader Volume 8
$5.25 - $6.30

The Adventure Catechism series will give children a basic overview of the catechism, while strengthening their faith. This reader is based on volume 8 of "The Adventure Catechism" series DVD. 

Topics include:

  • “What is the Communion of the Saints?” Learn about the large community of God’s people, encompassing those on earth, in heaven, and purgatory. Children will marvel at how vast God’s reign is, at the help available to us, and the help we can be to others. 
  • “What is the Domestic Church?” We celebrate Mass and our faith at church, but we live it all day, every day, at work and at home. Discover the great impact and blessing that faith has in the lives of all family members when Christ is made part of the household. 
  • “What are the Four Marks of the Church?” One-Holy-Catholic-Apostolic. Why are these four words used to describe the Church? What is their meaning and why is it important for us today?
  • “What is the Christmas Season?” While most of the world are ending their Christmas celebrations, Catholics begin their time of rejoicing. Find out what the Christmas season is really all about and why we celebrate it for many days after Christmas Day.
  • “What is the Second Coming?” Throughout His time on earth, Jesus assured His disciples that He would return to Earth accompanied by the angels. Learn what this means, and let your heart be filled with overflowing joy as you reflect on this hope!

Designed for children ages 5-10

Full color, laminated softcover

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: HE-ADCT08-BK
Dimensions: 9" x 6"
Length: 32 pages
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