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Advent & Christmas eResources Less Hectic, More Holy Advent Workshops for Staying Centered and Sane

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Advent Workshops for Staying Centered and Sane
Advent & Christmas eResources
Less Hectic, More Holy

Four Advent Workshops for reflection and discussion, all packaged and ready to go!

Years ago, when asked what he wanted out of his Advent season, my spiritual director replied, “I want it to be less hectic... more holy.” This story resonated so deeply with me and has become my annual mantra for Advent. This program comes out of my own struggle to create an Advent season in my life where I am not completely driven by the holiday chaos all around me and actually have some time for the Advent waiting and holy anticipation.

Most of us look forward to Christmas every year, but somehow end up completely exhausted by it. One way to combat this tendency is to look at some of the forces that come into play, sometimes without us even knowing it.  

—From the Introduction

The sessions outlined in this resource will help participants consider their own values and hopes around the Advent/Christmas season and to compare that with the reality we often accept at this time of year.  It does not guit trip or moralize, but helps the group drive the conversation forward and consider it all in the context of their faith. 

The resource includes:

  • Helpful tips for leading adult formation in general
  • Sample announcements for promoting the events
  • Detailed guidelines for each session, including:
    • Step-by-step instructions
    • Talking points
    • Discussion questions
    • Participant handouts
    • Short opening and closing prayers
  • A list of additional resources
  • Recipes for Christmas Wassail (a festive apple cider based drink)

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Format: eResource
Product code: LR106
Dimensions: 8½" x 11"
Length: 28 pages
The Pastoral Center / LeaderResources
Written by Tracey E. Herzer