The Spirituality of Work (eResource): Small Group Guides - All 7 Occupations

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Small Group Guides - All 7 Occupations
The Spirituality of Work (eResource): Small Group Guides - All 7 Occupations

Written by William Droel. Edited by Paul Canavese and Ann Naffziger.

PDF eResource (not available in print) -- 7 occupational series, each with 6 sessions -- 3 pages per session

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Our work matters to God! This excellent small group experience connects Monday through Saturday work lives to our faith. These guides include many quotations from workers, engaging questions, practical suggestions, and thoughtful commentary. It explores how God is already present in our workplaces and how we are called to live as disciples in the workplace

This resource is a great way to attract new people into a small group experience. The specificity of the materials and the opportunity to gather people of the same occupation provides a unique opportunity that can convince people who have otherwise avoided small groups. It also offers a great chance to evangelize and encourage your parishioners to welcome co-workers, family members, neighbors, or friends to join a group for their occupation.

The guide includes clear small group "ground rules," leader guidelines, and an appendix with suggested next steps and resources.

 The following occupations are included in the bundle:

  • Business People: This guide is best suited for those in management or professional leadership positions. We recommend that others use the "Various Occupations" guide.
  • Educators: This guide should work well with teachers and educators of all kinds and at all levels.
  • Homemakers: This guide can be used by homemakers who juggle other jobs or are not otherwise employed. It talks about parenting, but will also work for those who aren't parents.
  • Lawyers: This guide can work with anyone in the legal profession, but the quotations and examples are from the perspective of lawyers.
  • Nurses: This guide can be used for other medical professionals, but the quotations and examples are from the perspective of nurses.
  • Unemployed Workers: This guide is for anyone who is unemployed (not by choice).
  • Various Occupations: This guide is intended to work with any occupation. If you want to offer groups with mixed occupations, use this one. You can also other the other occupations and offer this one for those who are in other occupations.

Each session includes:

  • Opening and closing prayers
  • A short background reading specific to the given occupation, with reflection questions
  • A scripture passage, with reflection questions
  • An "action response" challenge for the next week

Bill Droel edits INITIATIVES, a newsletter about faith and work for the National Center for the Laity. He is also the editor of Pope John Paul II's Gospel of Work.

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The Pastoral Center
Written by William Droel
Edited by Ann Naffziger


Ann Naffziger has her MDiv from the Jesuit School of Theology and MA in Biblical Languages from the Graduate Theological Union, both in Berkeley.  Ann has worked in a variety of parish roles, as well as serving as a hospital chaplain, spiritual director, scripture instructor, and lecturer at the Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University. She has written articles in the field of spirituality and scripture for AmericaBustedHalo.comCommonwealThe National Catholic ReporterSpiritual Life: A Journal of Contemplative Spirituality, and other publications. She is also a Master Gardener and girls' softball coach.

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