Liturgy on the Run Liturgy on the Run Explaining the Mass to young children

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Explaining the Mass to young children
Liturgy on the Run
Liturgy on the Run

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Parents often struggle to explain liturgy and the liturgical seasons to their children. Use these handy fliers to help parents instill a love for both—and at the same time a deeper holiness.  Reach them in the midst of their busy lives, with just the right amount of content to engage them.

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Author: Beth Belcher

8.5 X 11" -- one-fold flier -- 6 pages, folded the long way

In this short flier, author and mom Beth Belcher guides busy parents to take a few minutes with their own children to explain, not only about the revised texts of the Roman Missal, but also about the Mass itself. By coaching parents in this way, you also form them so they can model for and form their own children in a deep love of the Mass.

This comes to you as a PDF. You print, fold and give to every busy parent in your parish. The small price you pay includes the right to reproduce this for use throughout your own parish. If you work in more than one parish, please buy one for each. Thanks.

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Format: eResource
Product code: BBWS360
Dimensions: 8½" x 11"
Length: 6 pages
The Pastoral Center
Written by Beth Belcher