Jesus Center of Christianity

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Center of Christianity

Brennan R. Hill expertly reveals Jesus the person to us in this new book that collects together his Millennium Monthly articles and four new articles. He discusses Jesus as the center of Christianity; the historical Jesus; Jesus as faithful Jew; Jesus the teacher and prophet; Jesus calling us to discipleship; Jesus and women; Jesus, man of prayer; Jesus and service to the world; Jesus, man of the earth; Jesus the liberator; the baptism of Jesus; Jesus and Eucharist; Jesus and the Spirit; and Jesus and his Church.

"The true center of Christianity is not a set of doctrines, a code of laws, a number of sacraments and rituals, church officials or such controversies as who should be ordained or which parishes should be closed. The center of Christianity is a person, Jesus Christ. Without him, his life, his teachings and risen presence among us, the other aspects of church life are without meaning and purpose. All discussion of the Christian faith must begin and end with Jesus the Son of God." --from the introduction

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Written by Brennan R. Hill


Brennan R. Hill is Professor Emeritus at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. Educated in the United States and Europe, he has traveled the world studying and experiencing Christianity and other world religions. He has published over twenty-five books and numerous articles. He is the author of The Jesus Dialogues and Religion Today: An Integral Approach (2013) and Jesus, the Christ: Contemporary Perspectives.

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