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How to Invite and Welcome in God's Name Parish Leader Kit

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Parish Leader Kit
How to Invite and Welcome in God's Name

Downloadable, reproducible eResource kit

This practical kit includes resources for leaders and helpful handouts to give to your visitors and regulars to help you become a truly welcoming and hospitable community.  The kit includes:

  • Introductory handout explaining how we can help active parishioners reach out to others.
  • How to Speak of Faith (without being annoying), a flier to help people grapple with this and learn how to do it well. (in English & Spanish)
  • We Are the People of God... and you're part of the family, a flier your active members can hand to inactive ones, letting them know that we love them and will welcome them home.
  • How to Welcome Everyone Litany & Overview, a reflection on welcoming and a "Welcome Litany" suitable for use in your liturgies. This is a self-explanatory and very widely-used way to communicate to everyone that we welcome all to share in the grace of Christ.
  • How to Welcome Parish Meeting Agenda, a sample agenda for a meeting of parish leaders, to help move the conversation in your parish into active welcoming as Pope Francis is calling us to do.
  • Hospitality & Welcome Examination of Conscience, a detailed checklist of ways in which a parish may or may not be actively welcoming and hospitable.
This is a downloadable, reproducible product sold with a lifetime parish or school license. Please read the full license terms below.

Product License

This reproducible eResource is sold with a lifetime license for use within a parish, school, or diocesan office. You are allowed to make unlimited copies for use within your own community. You may also email these to members of your team or participants in your program. If you serve more than one parish or school, each should purchase its own license. You may not post our eResources to any web site without explicit permission to do so. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for cooperating with our honor system regarding our product licenses.

Format: eResource
Product code: WH101
Dimensions: 8½" x 11"
Length: 18 pages
The Pastoral Center
Written by Our Pastoral Center Team