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Forming Deacons Ministers of Soul and Leaven

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Ministers of Soul and Leaven
Forming Deacons
$21.21 - $23.71

A unique collection of essays offering practical insights on a diverse spectrum of issues related to the formation of permanent deacons, as well as the use and implementation of the National Directory for the Formation, Ministry and Life of Permanent Deacons in the United States.

  • Foreword: The Deacon and His Relationships / Wilton D. Gregory
  • Introduction / William T. Ditewig
  • Part 1. Background
    • 1. The National Directory for Deacons and How to Read It: Implementation Strategies / William T. Ditewig
    • 2. A Purpose-Driven Formation / Theodore W. Kraus
    • 3. Lessons from Priestly Formation in Integrating the Dimensions of Formation / Paul J. Langsfeld
    • 4. The Basic Standards for Readiness: A Commentary / Stephen Graff, William T. Ditewig
  • Part 2. The Human Dimension
    • 5. Ecclesial Ordinations: Baptism, Marriage, and Orders / Michael G. Lawler
    • 6. The Gift of Formation at Midlife / Ann Healey
    • 7. Priests and Deacons in Partnership: Thoughts on the Role of the Priest in the Ongoing Renewal of the Diaconate / Timothy J. Shugrue
  • Part 3. The Spiritual Dimension
    • 8. The Spiritual Formation Path: The Vision and Hope of the Director / David Dowdle
    • 9. Themes for a Canonical Retreat: The Spiritual Apex of Diaconal Formation / James Keating -- Part 4. The Intellectual Dimension
    • 10. The National Directory and the Educational Formation of Deacon Candidates / Michael J. Tkacik
  • Part 5. The Pastoral Dimension
    • 11. The Deacon as Preacher / Marshall Gibbs
    • 12. The Deacon's Ministry vis-A-vis the Laity and Parish Life / John R. Alvarez
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Contributors
Format: Paperback book
Product code: IC144976
Dimensions: 9.42" x 5.82"
Length: 264 pages
Paulist Press
ISBN: 9780809144976
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Written by William T Ditewig and Michael J Tkacik