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Your Guide to Planning a Catholic Funeral

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Your Guide to Planning a Catholic Funeral
$2.96 - $3.75

There is an appointed time for everything. –Ecclesiastes 3:1

For those who have recently lost a loved one, keeping track of the many tasks that need to be done can be overwhelming; checklists can actually be sources of comfort and purpose. This thorough and compassionate booklet offers detailed but simple checklists and worksheets covering everything from immediate tasks at the hospital or hospice to planning a meaningful Catholic funeral liturgy. An essential resource for pastoral minsters and chaplains, it is sensitively written for those who are grieving and for those who wish to plan ahead. With an emphasis on prayer and good self-care, Your Guide to Planning a Catholic Funeral also reminds those who are grieving of the presence of a loving God who shares their sorrow and longs to give them peace.

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Written by Lonne Murphy


Lonne Murphy, author of A New Examination of Conscience, was a leader in parish liturgical ministry for more than forty years where she served as liturgist for several parishes in Minnesota.