Why I Am Catholic (and You Should Be Too)

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(and You Should Be Too)
Why I Am Catholic

"In a time of crisis, when so many young people have abandoned the Church, Brandon Vogt stands out among his generation as one who boldly affirms the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Catholic faith."
Bishop Robert Barron
Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles

With atheism on the rise and millions tossing off religion, why would anyone consider the Catholic Church? Brandon Vogt, a bestselling author and the content director for Bishop Robert Barron's Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, shares his passionate search for truth, a journey that culminated in the realization that Catholicism was right about a lot of things, maybe even everything. His persuasive case for the faith reveals a vision of Catholicism that has answers our world desperately needs and reminds those already in the Church what they love about it.

A 2016 study by the Public Religion Research Institute found that 25 percent of adults (39 percent of young adults) describe themselves as unaffiliated with any religion. Millions of these so-called "nones" have fled organized religion and many more have rejected God altogether.

Vogt was one of those nones. When he converted to Catholicism in college, he knew how confusing that decision was to many of his friends and family. But he also knew that the evidence he discovered pointed to one conclusion: Catholicism is true. To his delight, he discovered it was also exceedingly good and beautiful.

Why I Am Catholic traces Vogt's spiritual journey, making a refreshing, twenty-first century case for the faith and answering questions being asked by agnostics, nones, and atheists, the audience for his popular website, StrangeNotions.com, where Catholics and atheists dialogue. With references to Catholic thinkers such as G. K. Chesterton, Jacques Maritain, St. Teresa of Calcutta, and Bishop Robert Barron, Vogt draws together lines of evidence to help seekers discover why they should be Catholic as an alternative.

Why I Am Catholic serves as a compelling reproposal of the Church for former Catholics, a persuasive argument for truth and beauty to those who have become jaded and disenchanted with religion, and at the same time offers practicing Catholics a much-needed dose of confidence and clarity to affirm their faith against an increasingly skeptical culture.

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Written by Brandon Vogt


In a time of crisis, when so many young people have abandoned the Church, Brandon Vogt stands out among his generation as one who boldly affirms the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Catholic faith. As this book demonstrates, he is bright, articulate, kind, and passionate. He's one of the radiant lights of the New Evangelization.
Most Rev. Robert Barron
Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles
For years, I’ve longed for a book that I could recommend to parents whose children have left the Church or to people who have lost their faith. This is that book. Brandon Vogt makes the case for Catholicism with remarkable clarity and charity. Along the way, he handles common objections to Catholicism with answers that touch both mind and heart. If you know someone struggling with belief—or if you yourself have questions or doubts—then do yourself a favor: buy this book, read it, and then share it with others.
Brant Pitre
Catholic theologian, speaker, and author of The Case for Jesus
I wish I'd read this book back when I was an atheist—I would have become Catholic much sooner! Brandon Vogt makes clear, reasonable arguments that will resonate with people from any faith background.
Jennifer Fulwiler
Catholic radio host and author of Something Other Than God
Like all of Brandon Vogt’s writing, his compelling new book is accessible, inviting, practical, inspirational, and, in the deepest sense, true.
Rev. James Martin, S.J.
Author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything
Brandon Vogt's Why I Am Catholic (and You Should Be Too) lives up to its cheeky title. It is clear, direct, simple yet not simplistic, and is ideal for 'nones' who wonder why any intelligent adult would choose the most counter-cultural religion in the world. Here is a friendly explanation from a live fish who is swimming happily upstream to the many fish who are passing him in the other direction.
Peter Kreeft
Catholic author and philosophy professor at Boston College
Drawing on some of the most fascinating philosophical, historical, and scientific evidence available today, Vogt makes a comprehensive case for the Catholic faith. Anyone who takes the arguments in this book seriously is sure to feel a tug towards the Catholic Church. Here’s a work of apologetics that will shock modern folks out of their religious indifference and into the light of reasonable faith.
Matt Nelson
Author and blogger at ReasonableCatholic.com
Brandon Vogt is such a gift to the Church. Why I Am Catholic lays out the case for the God who is truth, goodness, and beauty in plain English that is honest as the daylight. A lovely, winsome book from one of the best human beings I have ever had the honor to know. He is a breathtaking messenger full of astonishing joy, saying simply, 'Come and see!'
Mark P. Shea
Author of By What Authority: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition
Brandon is in touch with where the culture is at today. He knows the questions that people are asking and how those questions lead them to become Catholic. With an effective mixture of personal testimony and clear reasoning—in a very readable style—he makes a compelling case for why everyone should make the same choice he did. Excellent work!
Ralph Martin
Director of Graduate Theology Programs in the New Evangelization
Sacred Heart Major Seminary
The root of the word enthusiasm means 'God is within.' Brandon Vogt is not only enthusiastic but also smart. He contends that in a secular, hedonistic world Catholicism is the tried and true way to be subversive. It is subversive because it upholds eternal truth, beauty, and goodness. Whether you''e a skeptic, a seeker, or even a former Catholic, pick up this book and find a refreshing case for the Catholic faith.
Rev. Dwight Longenecker
Catholic apologist and author of The Path to Rome
 "As I read this book I kept thinking, 'I'm reading a modern-day Frank Sheed!' Brandon has achieved the 'creative apologetic' that Pope Francis called for in Evangelii Gaudium. He not only plays the chord of truth for Catholicism but he plays the harmonizing chords of goodness and beauty with a clarity and a precision that can do nothing but move the mind and the heart.
Karlo Broussard
Author and apologist at Catholic Answers
Brandon Vogt has written an insightful case for the Catholic faith. His treatment on how beauty confirms the truth of Catholicism is one of the best I've ever read.
Trent Horn
Apologist at Catholic Answers and author of Answering Atheism
Brandon Vogt is one of my spiritual mentors, role models, and prayer warriors. I love Why I Am Catholic, in which Brandon provides guidance to a world in need of compassion and reason. Whether you're a skeptic, a seeker, or simply a soul in need of spiritual renewal, Brandon is your companion for a fulfilling relationship with God and his Church.
Lisa M. Hendey
Founder of CatholicMom.com and author of The Grace of Yes
Why I Am Catholic is the best book on apologetics I’ve read in a long time and one of the few apologetics books I’d feel comfortable sharing with non-Catholics. It combines three key elements: it’s language is accessible, avoiding or explaining technical terms I’d understand but not everyone would; it is personal without being just a biography of the author; and it talks about truth, goodness, and beauty rather than just one of those.”
Rev. Matthew P. Schneider, L.C.
Catholic writer, blogger, and author of Spiritually Mentoring Teenage Boys
Remember, this book is not meant for a Catholic firmly planted in the Church, so don’t read it that way. You will learn from this book though and you can use what you learn to draw others to the faith. I encourage you to read this book and help yourself in your evangelization efforts!
Deanna Bartalini
Director of Faith Formation at St. Edward Catholic Church
Palm Beach, Florida
Superb. Concise, readable and substantive. Amazing.
Tom Neal
Professor of spiritual theology and director of lay programs
Notre Dame Seminary
Why I Am Catholic is fantastic. It's clear, concise, and persuasive all in the same breath, and it's none too technical to boot. Though surely meant as a launching pad to dive more deeply into the Church's intellectual tradition, Vogt's sojourn through the Church's truth, goodness, and beauty is truly masterful.
Matthew Sewell
National Catholic Register
Brandon Vogt's Why I Am Catholic (And You Should Be Too) is a reader-friendly resource for ordinary pewsitters taking their first look at the “Why be Catholic??” question. After sharing his own memoir, Brandon runs through the common objections to and proofs of the Catholic faith. This book fills a gap in the literature. Many apologetics books tackle one or a few topics in depth. This resource is for the average layperson who is brand new to the question of explaining and defending the faith.
Jennifer Fitz
Catholic blogger