Who me, Evangelize? A Simple Guide to Living and Sharing Your Faith

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A Simple Guide to Living and Sharing Your Faith
Who me, Evangelize?

This book will be an opportunity to reflect on what Jesus meant when he said to his followers, ‘Go and make disciples of all nations...’ And we will explore the relevant interpretations and expansions that the church has offered through the years to help its members respond faithfully to Jesus' call to share the Good News.  - From the Introduction

Popes Paul, John Paul II, Benedict, and Francis have all stressed the need for evangelization. But how do we do this? Ring doorbells and hand out tracts? Buttonhole people at the airport or the supermarket to talk about Jesus? No! says Carole Eipers in this excellent book. We don’t have to get in people’s faces—we are already evangelizing by the way we live our lives. We just need to realize this and live our faith as meaningfully and deeply as we can.

Filled with humor and stories from Eipers’s own life, this concise but comprehensive guide offers a wealth of insights and practical hints that will make evangelizing seem real. Each chapter concludes with a classroom reflection or activity for catechists and teachers, as well as ideas for parents to help become effective evangelizers at home.

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Written by Carole M. Eipers, D. Min.


Dr. Carole M. Eipers is the author of Catechist 101 from the Essential Catechist Bookshelf book series and has served in catechetical ministry at parish, diocesan, and national levels for more than 20 years.