What Teens Want You to Know But Won't Tell You

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But Won't Tell You
What Teens Want You to Know

From over two decades of listening to young people tell him things they were not telling their parents or anyone else, Roy Petitfils learned that often what teens think and feel most deeply might not be what you think. Young people struggle to find their own voice--in their families, in the Church, and in the larger world community. Too often teenagers take their needs and concerns underground and share in secret their hurts, fears, and disenchantment. They console one another because for many the adult world isn't a safe place for them.

What Teens Want You to Know gives voice to ten things young people want adults to know but won't tell them. It discusses such issues as your relationship with a teen, acceptance of teen behavior, teens' desire to serve, and much more.

Petitfils assures you that young people want to include adults in their lives. With his guidance, you can help them do that.

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Written by Roy Petitfils and Mike Patin


In What Teens Want You To Know, Roy Petitfils provides both an underlying truth - teens want adults to be in their lives ... and practical strategies - here's how we do that effectively. Roy shares much wisdom through his lived experiences, his stories, and his relationships with young people. He shares real life situations and conversations with young people and unpacks them - mines them for their deeper meaning. His Points to Ponder at the end of each chapter provide a valuable checklist for all adults engaged in the adolescent world and his Questions for Reflection foster an immediate application to our own relationships with young people. The psychologist, Abraham Maslow, once said, "If the only tool we have is a hammer, then we see every problem as a nail." Roy has provided us an array of tools to authentically engage young people.
Robert J. McCarty, D.Min., Executive Director, National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry
Roy Petitfils says: you cannot answer an emotional question with an intellectual response. This book is not jam-packed with countless theological references, ecclesial documents or incredibly complex spiritual nuances; rather, it is filled with a practical and genuine insight concerning what teens are really dealing with and wanting and what you need to know in order to work with them. This book has deep rich insights in it, grounded in theological truths, but it is presented in a way that does not negate the emotions. It is all about relationships, and we have the chance to be a part of them. Who knows you may not only learn something from this book but also be touched emotionally.
Chris Padgett
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a story worth? In What Teens Want You to Know, Roy draws from over twenty years of work with teens as a counselor, teacher and youth leader to share story after story to help paint a clear and poignant picture of how parents, teachers and youth leaders alike can connect with and meaningfully engage teens in a life giving and affirming way... and it's worth every word!
Michael Theisen, National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry


Roy Petitfils is a counselor at Pax Renewal Center for individual, marriage, and family therapy, and taught at the high school level for a number of years. He is a popular speaker and workshop facilitator, and works with the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry. He is the author of three books including What I Wish Someone Had Told Me about the First Five Years of Marriage.