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What Pope Francis Says series What Pope Francis Says About Peace 30 Days of Reflections and Prayers

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What Pope Francis Says series
What Pope Francis Says About Peace
30 Days of Reflections and Prayers

“This is peace: not simply the absence of war, but where one is in harmony with oneself, with nature, and with others.”

Pope Francis has spoken often and passionately about both the need for peace in the world and our call to be peacemakers. For him, the act of becoming a peacemaker is an inside job—we start by making peace within ourselves, then with those closest to us, then with the wider community, and, finally, with the world.

In this booklet, you are invited to spend thirty days with the words of Pope Francis as he focuses on peace. Each day includes questions for personal or group reflection and an accompanying prayer. “The root of peace lies in the capacity to listen,” he said in his New Year’s Day address in 2017. May listening to him help us open our ears, eyes, and hearts to all the ways we can become agents of peace in our world.

These 30 days of reflections and prayers invite us to find ways to make peace our hallmark in our daily lives.

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