What Did Jesus DO All Day? Discovering the Teen Jesus

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Discovering the Teen Jesus
What Did Jesus DO All Day?
  • Excellent text for adult study and confirmation classes for tweens, teens and adults
  • Thoroughly researched with up-to-date resources, field tested and with a website to keep material current at www.whatdidjesusdoallday.com

What Did Jesus Do All Day? bridges two worlds—the one we know today and the one Jesus knew in the Holy Land under Roman rule. Archaeological discoveries, historical writings, and early-Jewish studies continue to uncover what everyday life was like back then. Surprisingly, as the distant past comes into sharper focus, similarities emerge that are far beyond sharing basic needs like food, drink, sleep, companionship and housing. Like us, Jesus’ contemporaries worked and studied hard, worshipped in community, and observed holidays with family and friends. Like us, they struggled with temptation and sin, failure and loss, political upheaval and war, betrayal and violence, sickness and death. Somehow, the closer we look into Jesus’ world, the more familiar it feels—and the more his words ring true.

Note for Catholics: This is an ecumenical book, and there is a passing reference to Jesus' "brothers," the same language found in Mark 6:3. Catholic teaching has been clear since the early church that Jesus was Mary's only son.  References like these may refer to cousins or Joseph's children from a previous marriage (some tradition suggests he was a widower). 

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Written by Felicia Silcox


This book is an excellent resource for anyone leading a class on the lives of people in Jesus' time as well as an interesting read for anyone who is curious about the life and times of Jesus as a youth.  I think all of us 'church geeks' are interested in this period of Jesus' life about which we know so little.
Debbi Rodahaffer, Director of Christian Education, St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Louisville, Kentucky


Felicia Silcox is a former elementary and junior high teacher with nine years of church-related teaching experience in parish high school Confirmation-preparation classes. She has also worked as a production editor for Prentice-Hall Learning Systems and is currently a freelance writer with over 85 published stories and articles. She and her husband enjoy their grandchildren, border collies, and raising apricots and sheep on a small California farm.