We Dare to Say An Adventure in Journaling

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An Adventure in Journaling
We Dare to Say

In this unique adventure in journaling, inspirational words and sentences by Kenneth Trainor are paired with the most striking lines from Scripture to ignite within readers their own spiritual reflections and to encourage them to put their thoughts to paper.

From Saint Thomas Aquinas to Annie Dillard, from Saint Teresa of Avila to Thomas Merton, writing has been one of the major ways God communicates to us and through us — and one of the primary ways we communicate privately with God. But we don't have to write letters like Saint Paul or tomes like Saint Augustine. Each of us can take part in meditative and divinely-inspired writing, and in the process draw closer to the Kingdom of God.

Forget about the challenges of facing a blank page. Trainor provides inspirational prompts and striking lines of Scripture to spark even the most blocked, would-be journal keeper. Ponder metaphysical, philosophical and theological subjects like:

  • The meaning of happiness
  • Destiny
  • Life-sentences
  • Free Will
  • True wisdom
  • How best to praise God

We Dare to Say is the perfect gift for graduates of any stripe, or the perfect gift to give someone like yourself — an adventure in a time-honored way to meditate, commune and dwell in the presence of God.

To meditate is to make our minds hold still for a moment so we can hear more clearly the conversation going on inside us. It is to let ideas and experiences we care about take root for a while, rather than allowing them to be blown away almost instantly by the next distraction. And taking up the pen, compelling ourselves to write as part of this process, can focus us wonderfully.— from the Welcome by Rev. William Burke


Kenneth Trainor

Ken Trainor is a lifelong, "free-range" Catholic who spent the 7½ years immediately following Vatican II in the Chicago Archdiocesan seminary system. He left the seminary to study in Rome, then completed his B.A. in Literature at Loyola University of Chicago. Some years later, he added a master's degree in creative writing from Colorado State University.

A storyteller, chronicler of life and occasional provocateur, he has been a community journalist and newspaper editor in Oak Park, Ill., for the past 20 years. Since 1985, he honed his storytelling skills as a weekly columnist for newspapers in Ft. Collins, Colo.; Mt. Pleasant, Mich.; and Oak Park. In the 1990s, he wrote a monthly parenting column for Chicago Parent Magazine. His son, Dylan, now 26 and approaching matrimony, was frequently the focus.

He was named best columnist in the weekly newspaper category by the Illinois Press Association four times.

In the distant past, he taught high school religion in Chicago, writing courses at Colorado State University, and led a grant-funded language arts workshop titled Creative Generations, which brought together fourth-graders and residents of a local nursing home.

Born and raised in Oak Park, the hometown of Ernest Hemingway and, for a good stretch, Frank Lloyd Wright, he has traveled in Europe, South America, Cuba, Jordan and Israel, seeking more grist for the mill.

His first book, We Dare to Say — An adventure in journaling, was published by ACTA in 2007.



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Written by Kenneth Trainor