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The Pastor's Guide to Whole Community Catechesis

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The Pastor's Guide to Whole Community Catechesis
$7.96 - $8.96

This book is an essential reference for every pastor in these days of rapid change, disillusionment with the Church, and confusion mixed with hope among God's people. It offers affirmation for the pastors and encourages them to embrace lifelong faith formation in the parish.

Pastors, what do you want for your parish? If you are like most pastors, you want active parishioners, a well-trained staff, harmony within the parish, enough money, and above all, a place where everyone feels welcome. The good news is that pastors around the country are learning that whole community catechesis leads to a lifelong process of turning to Christ, of falling in love with Christ. While not a panacea, whole community catechesis provides doors for breaking open the Word and faith-sharing; intergenerational faith formation; more active participation in the Sunday Eucharist; and well- developed households of faith.

In A Pastor's Guide to Whole Community Catechesis, author Bill Huebsch points out how this form of catechetical renewal can make a real difference in every parish. He shows that there is a solid basis for this approach in Church documents and recent movements within the Church.

Format: Paperback book
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Dimensions: 5½" x 8½"
Length: 64 pages
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Written by Bill Huebsch