The Our Father Unpacking the Lord's Prayer

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Unpacking the Lord's Prayer
The Our Father

4 Audio CDs -- 165 minutes -- January 2008

How do you pray the prayer of another? What if the author of the prayer is the Son of God? Renowned theologian and storyteller John Shea takes a fresh look at prayer in general and the Our Father in particular in this delightful CD.

Focusing on the prayer that Jesus taught us, Shea unpacks the Scriptures surrounding the Lord's Prayer using both contemporary and biblical stories. Revealing new insights into this most familiar of prayers, Shea reinvigorates the Our Father for today's Christian.

This four-CD set includes: Praying the Prayers of Others (44:15) The Our Father-Part One (37:57) The Our Father-Part Two (41:25) The Our Father-Part Three (41:11)

Format: CD
Product code: AP422
Dimensions: 5½" x 6½"
ACTA Publications
ISBN: 9780879463532