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The Humongous Book of Bible Skits for Children's Ministry

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The Humongous Book of Bible Skits for Children's Ministry
$24.00 - $27.00

Not only does The Humongous Book of Bible Skits for Children's Ministry contain 52 upbeat skits connect kids with the Bible by acting out favorite Bible stories, but its easy-to-use format makes set-up a breeze. To prepare for these kids Sunday school skits, simply copy the script and hand it out to each actor. Each children's ministry skit lasts three minutes or less! There's a part for everyone in each skit, so every child is involved.

Bonus: This Sunday school resource includes a CD packed with background sound effects for each skit. The Humongous Book of Bible Skits for Children's Ministry is the perfect addition to your church library because it is full of children's ministry ideas!

Here is what you get with this children's ministry resource:

  • CD with sound effects for each skit.
  • Roles that adjust to any group size and include readers and non-readers. (Each skit includes groups like the Philistine Army, Spies, and Israelites.)
  • Staging instructions to naturally choreograph movements with story.
  • Narrator role is designed for leader, for easy production and prompting.
  • No props, just fun action that enhances Bible-learning.
  • Reproducible scripts.
  • Indexes: Bible characters, Topics (Anger, Anxiety, Ascension of Christ, Belief, . . .Worship), CD tracks by Bible story referenced in script.

Use these 52 fun, easy-to-use Bible skits to spice up a lesson, fill an extra few minutes at the end of class, or as a weekly lesson launcher—for an entire year!

These skits don’t require costumes, rehearsals, or elaborate props. If you’ve got a room full of kids and an open area to use as a stage, you have everything necessary to pull off a skit on short notice.

But maybe you’re new to using drama in your children’s ministry. You’re wondering how to guarantee that each skit will be kid-pleasing…memorable…and will make for solid Bible learning.

Here’s some practical advice for getting the most from each and every skit.

  • Keep the first thing first. What exactly is the “first thing”? Hint: It’s not the quality of your performance.
  • There’s no Oscar awarded in the category of “Best Children’s Ministry Skit.” You and your kids are under no pressure to put on a flawless production.
  • So relax, and focus instead on getting every child involved in each skit. While the quality of the production isn’t critical, the quality of the learning is, and involved children learn more and retain what they learn longer.
  • Use the debriefing questions provided at the end of each skit, and you’ll engage children even more completely. You’ll cement the learning even firmer in kids’ minds and hearts.
  • Play the role of Narrator yourself. The Narrator is an important role. The Narrator has the most difficult lines, directs the action, sets the pace, and acts as a prompter. If you’re acting as the Narrator, you’ll be able to manage the flow of the skit.

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