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The Healing Touch of Mary Real-Life Stories from Those Touched by Mary

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Real-Life Stories from Those Touched by Mary
The Healing Touch of Mary

Written by Cheri Lomonte

Paperback book -- 214 pages -- 8 x 8

Countless people have turn to Mary, Mother of Jesus, for healing, loving comfort. Her intercessions have brought about miracles, her flowing grace has changed lives, and her divine heart has sustained weary souls. In The Healing Touch of Mary, you can share in the power and inspiration of these miracles through the many true stories and beautiful photographs of Madonnas from around the world. From the young girl who shares her glow-in-the-dark Mary statue with a frightened friend; to the woman in a car wreck to whom the Blessed Mother appears and hold her until her rescue; to the youngster whose broken fingers are healed with Lourdes water, these stories embody the power of Mary's intercessions.

Cheri Lomonte



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Cheri Lomonte is an author and the executive director and co-host of the award-winning radio program, Mary's Touch. She also directs The FRONTLINE FAITH Project.

Cheri's first book, The Healing Touch of Mary (ISBN: 978-0-9767164-9-5), was published in 2005. It features stories from people who discovered, through our Blessed Mother's intercession, the grace that comes with answered prayers.

Cheri began her own journey of discovery while visiting the quaint mission churches in New Mexico. There, she photographed many of the beautiful Madonnas found in her book...and there she began first listening to and then recording the remarkable and inspiring stories found in The Healing Touch of Mary.

While collecting stories for her second book, Cheri became convinced these stories needed a wider audience. She incorporated Mary's Touch, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and that same year, she developed and began producing the Mary's Touch radio program. Like The Healing Touch of Mary, the radio show features extraordinary stories from people whose lives have been transformed by prayer. These stories remind us very poignantly that we, each of us, really do have a mother in heaven, a mother who watches over us, to whom we can turn in all our needs and troubles. They unveil the face of a heavenly mother who deeply cares for her children and unceasingly prays for us.

Mary's Touch is recorded in Austin, Texas, and broadcast nationally from over 80 radio stations across the country. It can also be heard via streaming audio on the Internet. In 2007, Mary's Touch was granted an ecclesiastical approbation (blessing) from Bishop Gregory M. Aymond. In 2008, it was honored with a Gabriel Award for excellence by the Catholic Academy for Communication Arts. This award is given annually to the most inspirational radio program in North America. Mary's Touch began its fourth season in early May 2010. With the scope its ministry expanding, the nonprofit organization was recently renamed Mary's Touch Multimedia.

Cheri's second book, Stories from Mary's Touch (ISBN: 9780976716402), was published in 2009. It features stories that were first recorded for the Mary's Touch radio program and includes a foreword, written by Bishop Aymond. Stories from Mary's Touch was recently praised by Midwest Book Review as, "inspirational...a collection of stories to be treasured." In July 2009, Experiencias de vida con la Virgen Mar­a, the Spanish translation of The Healing Touch of Mary, was also released.

Since Spring 2009, Cheri has worked tirelessly on The FRONTLINE FAITH Project, a program that distributes MP3 players preloaded with nearly 7 hours of Christian content to members of our Armed Forces. The FRONTLINE FAITH players are given free of charge to our troops and provide much-needed spiritual support to the fine men and women valiantly serving our country.

The FRONTLINE FAITH Project has the enthusiastic support of the Most Reverend Timothy P. Broglio, Archdiocese of the Military Services. Distribution of the players has been arranged through chaplains deployed overseas, at U.S. military bases, and at VA hospitals around the world. American Airlines is providing assistance with delivery of the FRONTLINE FAITH Players.

Donations to The FRONTLINE FAITH Project are tax deductible.

Cheri and her husband, Tony live near Austin, Texas. They enjoy traveling and avidly pursue photography in their spare time. They have six children and nine beautiful grandchildren. They are expecting another grandbaby next Spring.

Format: Paperback book, MP3
Product code: AP734
Dimensions: 8" x 8"
Length: 214 pages
ACTA Publications
ISBN: 9780976716495
Written by Cheri Lomonte