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The Gospel Stories of Jesus The Gospel Stories of Jesus Sunday Gospel Reflections for Year A

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Sunday Gospel Reflections for Year A
The Gospel Stories of Jesus
The Gospel Stories of Jesus

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For the Scriptures to come alive, they must first engage the imagination.  There are some Gospel stories that have become so familiar that we hardly hear them when they are proclaimed.  In this resource, the Gospels are retold in a fresh story form with woodcut, pen, and brush illustrations and followed by a short reflection.  Deacon Dick Folger has a gift for bringing out a full sensory experience of these stories.

Share these re-tellings of the gospel stories in your Sunday bulletins or as handouts.  Perfect for preachers, teachers, RCIA, youth ministry, prison ministry, retreats, or other ministries.  Consider using them as “meeting starters” – a prayerful reflection to get discussion started.

Each story is illustrated and presented as a single-page handout.  The text originally appeared in Celebration, the worship resource of The National Catholic Reporter.

What would it be like to see and hear Jesus as he preached to the crowds in Galilee? What if you were privileged to be one of his disciples, listening to Jesus as you shared the evening meal with him? Imagine that!  The Gospel Stories of Jesus lets you experience the moment of each gospel story as an eyewitness. It is a powerful new way to embrace the Word of God.

"Paraphrasing the scriptures is tricky business, because the secondary author, like the faithful preacher, must be true to the original. In these reflections on the gospel readings for the lectionary cycles of Sunday worship, Dick meets that standard as he reconstitutes the inherent drama and emotion of so many stories. You will meet the Jesus that Dick Folger has encountered personally in the gospels. You will come to know the apostles and the people Jesus befriended and healed. But, most importantly, ask yourself if you don't also begin to ee yourself in the story. Once this happens, you will never read or listen to the scriptures in quite the same way again." --Patrick Marrin, editor of Celebration: An Ecumenical Worship Resource

Deacon Dick Folger was incardinated in the Diocese of Oakland in 1987. He is assigned to Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Union City, but Dick has served in a communications ministry as publisher of the monthly Deacon Newsletter, producer of Mosaic, a religious affairs television program in San Francisco; and he produced a video documentary on the diaconate ministry, "Deacons - Ministers of Justice and Charity" The work won an award from the National Association of Diaconate Directors.  Dick and his wife Pat live in Hayward, CA. They have six adult children plus 10 grandchildren. Their oldest son, Mark, is a Franciscan brother.

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