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The Crucifixion in Irish Art

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The Crucifixion in Irish Art
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“The Crucifixion…is the only religious event or scene that has been represented in Irish art in virtually every century from the year 800 down to the present day. Crucifixes and crucifixion scenes thus provide an ideal and consistent yardstick against which we can measure the achievements of Irish artists and craftsmen during the last dozen centuries or so. They can reflect not only the changes in art styles throughout this period, but also—through individual characteristics and the accompanying figures and objects—the changing theology down the years.” - From the Introduction

Throughout Irish history artists have captured the Crucifixion using a variety of mediums: on crosses, in stained glass, on tombstones, sculptures, and paintings. Photographs of fifty such depictions of the Crucifixion (46 in black-and-white and 4 in color) ranging from the year 800CE to the present, along with interpretive commentary, show the development of this image and the theology surrounding it in Ireland. A perfect book for contemplation during the Lenten season.

Format: Hardcover book
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Dimensions: 7" x 10"
Length: 120 pages
Church Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 9780819218155
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Written by Dr. Peter Harbison


In this admirably illustrated coffee-table book, archaeologist Harbison profiles 50 crucifixion scenes, spanning more than a thousand years of Irish art in a variety of media, including bronze, stone, wood, stained glass, and oil painting.
Jana Reiss, Publishers Weekly, February 21, 2000
Good Lenten reading and a lovely Easter present.
The Living Church
...a welcome addition to a personal reading list...provides a wealth of background and example of the use of this event in Irish religious and social history, as well as insight into the rich symbolism employed by the various excellent introduction for the novice just delving into Irish religious art, yet would also be an admirable reference book for those already knowledgeable in this subject. A wonderful and beautiful history indeed!
Br. Patrick Clark, as printed in CrossPoint, Fall 2000
The presentation of the photographs of 50 outstanding works of art makes the book itself an artistic achievement, at once entertaining, informative, and inspiring.
Herbert A. Kenny, as printed in The Boston Irish Reporter, April 2000


Peter Harbison worked with the Irish Tourist Board as an archaeologist and, later, as editor of its international magazine, Ireland of the Welcomes. He is professor of archaeology at the Royal Hibernian Academy of Art and honorary editor of the Royal Irish Academy. His many books on Irish art and archaeology include The High Crosses of Ireland (1992), Ancient Ireland (co-author, 1996), and The Golden Age of Irish Art (1999).