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The greatest events from The Bible come to life in The Bible Stories, a series of full-length films presenting powerful and moving tales of faith and glory. It is an outstanding collection of faithfully rendered tales lifted directly from the scriptures. Boasting a global array of talent and high production values, The Bible Stories is tremendously engaging entertainment regardless of one's age, faith or creed.


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182 minutes

A Prince Of Egypt. A Man Of God. A Powerful Actor Plays A Legendary Role.

Faith in God. Escape from slavery. The two great themes from the Old Testament Book of Exodus are given thrilling new life in this recreation of Moses leading the children of Israel from bondage in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land.

Academy Award® winner Sir Ben Kingsley (Gandhi, House Of Sand And Fog) is Moses and Frank Langella, David Suchet and Christopher Lee portray other powerful Biblical figures in this monumental production. All the glory and spectacle are here: Moses' childhood in Pharaoh's court, God's voice from the burning bush, the dreadful plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, the granting of the Ten Commandments and the long-awaited return to Canaan. Share the journey – and rekindle your sense of wonder.

The Bible Stories: Moses follows the life and times of Moses. Through his faith and determination he becomes on the greatest leaders in history. As a baby, he is spared death when his month releases him onto the Nile Riverin a basket. He is found and then raised by the Pharaoh’s daughter. As an adult, Moses flees Egypt to avoid persecution, but later returns due to the command from God for him to save the Israelites from slavery. When is half brother, now the Pharaoh, refuses, God unleashes terrible plagues on the Egyptians until the Pharaoh agrees. God parts the seas for Moses and the Israelites escape. But Moses’ challenges are not over, as he has to face 40 years in the dessert and bring the ten commandments of God to the people.

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