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The Best VBS Workbook Ever!

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The Best VBS Workbook Ever!
$25.46 - $28.46

• Enables organizers to envision and implement a VBS program customized for the local church
• Practical, comprehensive, from-the-ground-up approach to VBS

Designing a Vacation Bible School program, as opposed to choosing one of the many off-the-shelf packages, is a labor of love. It considers the unique perspective of children and invests accordingly. It's a home-cooked meal compared to fast food. It sends a message to parents that a church values children enough to identify and meet their specific needs in their community at a particular moment in time. Well-designed VBS programs speak to children with respect, love, and patience, offering opportunity for authentic spiritual growth, not to mention an intentional theology that is reflective of the church. Finally, custom-designed VBS programs are a way to fully include children in the mission and ministry of the church rather than confine their unique gifts.

This book provides Christian educators with the tools they need to assess the needs and resources in their congregation, and to craft a creative program in response to that assessment. The Best VBS Workbook Ever offers direction and suggestions on theme, structure, logistics, program, activities, staffing and promotion.

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: CP3011
Dimensions: 8½" x 11"
Length: 160 pages
Church Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 9780819233011
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Written by Lisa Brown


Lisa Brown is the former Director of Children's Ministry and Communications Coordinator at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Now a digital missionary for Membership Vision, she helps people find God in the digital space. Shepherding children and young people is her passion, and she has witnessed the profound experiential learning that occurs when children are fully engaged in an immersive program. She wants to share with other educators the techniques that she used to craft learning opportunities so that they can deeply engage children in faith formation. In addition to designing her own VBS programming, Brown has created Sunday school and confirmation programs, nursery school lessons, and Girl Scout and Boy Scout Camporees. She is also the co-founder of the Color ME Pittsburgh collaborative art installation.