The Ballgame of Life Lessons for Parents and Coaches of Young Baseball Players

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Lessons for Parents and Coaches of Young Baseball Players
The Ballgame of Life

A book on coaching young baseball players to help parents and coaches prepare themselves adequately to coach while also providing helpful drills and exercises to teach kids the life skills inherent in baseball.

Good coaches and good parents both try to teach kids the same things: persistence, hard work, how to handle pressure, and hw to be a good winner. Baseball can help young players learn these lessons, but only if the coaches and parents stay focused on them. This book addresses the two main problems for coaches and parents: They are often unprepared or undertrained to teach the lessons basebabll has to offer, and they often are trying to live vicariously through the children (which is the absolute last thing the kids need).

Each chapter of The Ballgame of Life ends with "Life Skills Learning Drills" designed to help kids and adults remember that baseball is a game meant to be played. Chapters include:

  • The Goal of Every Great Parent/Coach
  • Building Confidence and a Successfull Attitude
  • Learning the Terms Team, Teammate and Teamwork
  • Dad or Mom's Limited Window of Opportunity to Coach
Format: Paperback book
Product code: AP65
Dimensions: 5.92" x 7.4"
Length: 112 pages
ACTA Publications
ISBN: 978-0-87946-299-4
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Written by David Allen Smith and Joseph Aversa