Stations of the Resurrection The Way to Life

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The Way to Life
Stations of the Resurrection

Christians enter into the sufferings of Christ each year during Holy Week through various devotions and liturgical services. This unique approach to the "stations" encourages us to take the next step and enter into the joy of those who were privileged to witness the Risen Christ. In this handsome book, fourteen stunning icons of the Risen Lord are accompanied by meditations and prayers. These images invite us deeply into the mystery and power of the Resurrection.

The author is a Catholic priest and spiritual writer. The artist brings a contemporary expression to this ancient art from her studies of iconography in Russia and Britain. This is an attractive gift or personal prayer book.

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: IC816499
Dimensions: 5.86" x 4.39"
Length: 63 pages
Liguori Publications
ISBN: 978-0-7648-1649-9
Written by Terry Tastard, Caroline Lees, and Cormac Murphy-O'Connor